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Not arguable.

in·ar′gu·a·bly adv.


incapable of being argued over; closed to debate


(ɪnˈɑr gyu ə bəl)

not arguable.
in•ar′gu•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.inarguable - against which no argument can be madeinarguable - against which no argument can be made
incontestable, incontestible - incapable of being contested or disputed


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crushed by military tanks, in footage which to this day exists, is inarguable, and which the current Coptic Pope would have us forget, perhaps it is one of the men shot by snipers near Parliament, the list goes on and on, and it is different for each one of us, but we all have one.
But what is inarguable is that he has built on the foundation laid by his predecessors and in doing so has advanced the ball in a way that will make it difficult for those that follow to reverse the course the US is on.
For me as a Catholic, it certainly fuels my anticipation for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family But widening the aperture, it also makes me reflect on the inarguable truth that none of us is exempted from the contradictions wrought by our human finitude and imperfection.
It is inarguable that as a result of a routine failure to prevent others from continuing to dominate and control Africa by various means, the continent is today still not fully removed from coloniality.
The biggest takeaway is that the absolute, inarguable, clear #1 for no-coding interactive experience creation - IntuiFace - can now be used to build touch-first content for the Samsung SMART Signage Platform.
And that Steven George Gerrard deserves inclusion alongside such celebrated names is inarguable.
4) While it is inarguable that PCI-related elevation of myocardial necrosis biomarkers indicates some degree of myocardial cell damage, many factors fuel the controversy on the clinical relevance of PCI-related myocardial injury and whether isolated PCI-associated biomarker elevation should be considered an MI.
Jordan is inarguable the best player of all time in the sport of basketball winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls in the National Basketball Association.
As an industry leader for nearly eight decades, Volkswagen has carved an inarguable niche within the automotive landscape, boasting vehicles that are among the most dependable and well-crafted on the road today.
It was working for a while: good players organised into a system that pivoted around the inarguable talent of Cabaye.
It is an inarguable fact that the great tradition that began in the 18th century died out at the beginning of the 20th.
This pair also testifies to Hemingway's tremendous cross-cultural deftness and depth; that both readings illuminate so accurately distinctly separate yet equally inarguable spiritual influences proves the potential of the Miyamoto analogy with which this review opens.