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Not arguable.

in·ar′gu·a·bly adv.


in an inarguable or unquestionable manner
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The Nairobi-based African Digital Currency Association said, "Remittances inarguably play a key role in the economies of East African countries (both macro-economic and household benefits).
It is the driving force and, inarguably, the single most influential factor in how a country's ambitions will bear fruit, because an election is an invaluable opportunity for its citizens to make choices and through them, shape their future.
Whatever your opinion, it's inarguably 25 years since their Pills 'n'Thrills And Bellyaches album made Shaun and Bez household names.
Thinking outside the box: Inarguably the very worst, overused, most annoying business phrase of all time.
Inarguably, decades later, this led to him being known as The Prophet of Quality.
March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Inarguably one of the most grueling trials of the hunt for a new vehicle is the tiring research process that goes into finding the right vehicle.
Scientists' warnings are increasing in urgency, and the price of ignoring climate change - rising sea levels, intensifying storms, droughts, wildfires, shrinking harvests and species losses - has become inarguably higher than the price of doing something about it.
Omar Ghanayem, technology division director of Grand Stores, said: "Hisense is inarguably one of the world's leading brands in televisions with a strong growth plan in this region.
Love to Cavs would give the team a scary core of Kyrie Irving, who recently signed a long-term deal with the team, James and Love- inarguably, among the top players in their respective positions.
Acknowledging common stats that showed that women made only 77 percent of what men earned, she stressed that the actual gap was still inarguably real.
The Al Islami Credit Card is inarguably the best value Card in the market and combines convenience with global acceptance.
The fact that the controversial incident happened only a week before the March 30 local elections has raised questions in the minds of many, as the upcoming elections have inarguably become a key issue amidst the current crisis in the country.