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1. Uttered without the use of normal words or syllables; incomprehensible as speech or language: "a cry ... that ... sank down into an inarticulate whine" (Jack London).
2. Unable to speak; speechless: inarticulate with astonishment.
3. Unable to speak with clarity or eloquence: an inarticulate debater.
4. Going unexpressed: inarticulate sorrow.
5. Biology Not having joints or segments.

in′ar·tic′u·late·ly adv.
in′ar·tic′u·late·ness, in′ar·tic′u·la·cy (-lə-sē) n.


n (form)Inartikuliertheit f (geh), → mangelnde Wortgewandtheit f; he was reduced to inarticulacyer konnte keine Worte mehr finden
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One British brother is the nominal love interest, albeit so dorky and un-threatening he can barely stammer out his own name (bumbling inarticulacy is clearly the new manly, see also Benjy in Pitch Perfect 2); the other British brother is around 12 years old, very polite, and carries a guide to San Francisco everywhere he goes which is 'obviously' adorable (the guidebook turns out to be useful when technology breaks down, just as mobile phones give way to old-fashioned land lines).
He emits a symphonic range of guttural noises, grunts, and snorts, expressing the fierce inarticulacy of a protean individual at odds with the genteel social codes of the day--the barber's son who rose to the pinnacle of the British art world and shattered every convention of landscape painting.
But this faltering reveals poetry's access to language's hidden side, a side which bathes in the very inarticulacy that would overwhelm it, and it is this revelation that allows poetry to engage violence as a problem for poetry and not just a political or social problem.
He himself pointed out, for example, that in both Philadelphia, Here I Cornel and Dancing at Lughnasa, ceili music was used in crucial scenes in each play "[b]ecause at that specific point emotion has staggered into inarticulacy beyond the boundaries of language.
Inarticulacy is part of the point, as it is in ballads: the gaps and silences are where the power of the works lies.
However, the ease in their converse is received by the reader with a sense of relief, since Laura's inarticulacy and the refusal of her relatives to take what she says seriously have been growing oppressive throughout the novel.
In inarticulacy also, which isn't the same as silence.
Though the group's multiracial members were infused with the work of African American bluesmen, Grandt argues, the historically charged metaphor of the Gregg Allman-penned song "Whipping Post" reveals "a telling inarticulacy that 'unmasks' the [song's] minstrelsy" (103).
I just see it as a typical example of American inarticulacy.