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1. Ritual recitation of verbal charms or spells to produce a magic effect.
a. A formula used in ritual recitation; a verbal charm or spell.
b. A conventionalized utterance repeated without thought or aptness; a formula: the pious incantations of the administration.

[Middle English incantacioun, from Old French incantation, from Late Latin incantātiō, incantātiōn-, spell, from Latin incantātus, past participle of incantāre, to enchant; see enchant.]

in′can·ta′tion·al adj.
in·can′ta·to′ry (-tə-tôr′ē) adj.


relating to or having the characteristics of an incantation
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The passage begins with a strange shift in verb forms, from an initial "must have" that suggests the moment is unverifiable to the repeated imperative "say" that builds the scene in almost incantatory tones.
The Woman with the Alabaster Box, in which sustained upper voices provide a connecting thread to a harmonised recitative, explored a wide range of tessitura and sonorities; A Tribute to Caesar, with the simplest of means, made poignant use of discords as parts nudged into each other; Which was the Son of offered a quite rhythmically catchy (for Part) account of Christ's family tree; and Triodion, where Part echoes aspects of Renaissance style in an incantatory sequence of spiritual odes, hit all the right emotional buttons.
No-one who has heard Thomas read poetry can fail to notice the incantatory, 'hwyl' preaching style that he must have heard so often as a child.
Hunt's "masterly command of his character's singular, incantatory voice" (New York Times Book Review) draws readers deep into a novel that is as much about "the enigmatic workings of the human heart" as it is about history and war and that is "exhilarating for the beauty of its prose and the depths of its unsentimental compassion" (Los Angeles Times).
Keep in mind this noble lineage of refusal and negation (luxury goods) when handling Derek McCormack 's incantatory contaminant The Well-Dressed Wound (pas de chance).
Her voice is enormous, a howl that's textured and melismatic, words and syllables rattled through a run of notes, giving the band's songs an incantatory feel.
Consequently, Motu-Koita interlocutors responded to occasional European attempts to collect a catalogue of sorcery by providing examples of their use of incantatory rituals to various ends.
Anaya charts a journey of grief with moments of touching humor and critical stabs at our modern age, with its repression of the incantatory power of myth and an inclusive faith.
com)-- Rocks Full of Sky is a collection of incantatory poems exploring landscape, wildness, and the human spirit.
Until then I'd handled a very small amount of cash (some inescapable expenses carried in coins in the pocket of my school dress but everything else Dodge saw to, writing cheques wherever she could with a scrupulous enterprise reserved for absolutely nothing else) and so it was probably from lack of contact that this information was absorbed by me as with the immediate incantatory force of pure theory.
Running through the phases of Tennyson's career from his early indebtedness to poetess verse to the force of grief that, like the vase shaken into frost in In Memoriam, shook him into greatness and on to his laureate verse, Tucker never loses sight of the incantatory power of Tennyson's verse or his remarkable ability to mediate so powerfully between a private pull toward melancholy and a public era intent on material progress and pleasures.
Her band, the Firespitters, which featured Denardo, provided a complementary jazz-funk-blues response to Cortez's rhythmic, often incantatory delivery, her mood ranging from militancy to lyricism, dynamic surrealism to raw emotion.