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tr.v. in·cant·ed, in·cant·ing, in·cants
To chant or intone (ritual or magic words).

[Latin incantāre; see enchant.]


to utter (incantations)to summon up by incantationto enchant
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generally, courts have repeatedly incanted Mathews's
Even as the final spells were being incanted, the last wands waved and the broomsticks put back in the cupboard, Dan was a man with a plan.
SMITH: It's not surprising that people behave as they're incanted to behave.
According to the Jewish historian Josephus, exorcists needed: 1) a formula from Solomon to be incanted, along with 2) a piece of wood (called "bunk" or "the bunk stick"), which had a scent from the Barras root (see Josephus, JW 7.
Of course he prefaces his mea culpa with the daily affirmation incanted by all Commentary contributors in good standing: "We neoconservatives were proven right about every issue on which we took up cudgels against liberals and paleocons for 25 years.
I'm not quite sure what La Blythman did as she incanted her Wiccan rhyme over my prostrate body, smeared as it was with Somerfield baked beans (fear not-they were sugar and salt reduced) but I have begun to see the greening of supermarkets (as popularised recently on Panorama) as less than entirely convincing.
David incanted a few spells, as his magical fingers tapped away at the keys, and everything sprang back to life.
Interestingly enough, Elkin (1949) describes how stories may be breathed and incanted into the opened mouths of initiates by Aboriginal mentors of initiation.
Names were incanted - Gareth, Gerald, Benny, JPR - before the poster was rolled up once more and returned to its resting place under the eaves between the old vinyl suitcases and wooden Lego box.
There is no place in his work because there largely is no referent incanted .
This little mantra is frequently incanted by today's students of constitutional law and British politics.
Mayan holy songs were incanted as they meditated and attempted to conjure up visions of animals in the steamy air.