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tr.v. in·cent·ed, in·cent·ing, in·cents
To incentivize: "would use tax breaks to incent corporations to invest in their future" (Scott Canon).

[Back-formation from incentive.]


vb (tr)
to provide (someone) with incentive; inspire or motivate
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Set up a reward system for yourself so that you are incented to tackle difficult jobs and complete them sooner rather than procrastinating.
Fitch also takes the view that potential bidders seeking to operate GMAC in its current form are strongly incented to establish GMAC with a financial profile that leads to obtaining competitive cost of funds and uninterrupted access to financing, and this will be a critical part of Fitch's evaluation of any sale transaction.
Angert further added, "Since we are incented for performance and not just remunerated for activity, we are able to cost-justify the value of our services to our client partners.
The research also revealed an overwhelmingly high level of acceptance and utilization for Ecount's Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards among incented employees:
This transaction has its origin in the 1984 tax bill which established a different depreciation schedule for tax exempt use property and incented companies to use short lease terms.
These are large, well capitalized groups who are incented to perform at the highest levels and have the track record to prove it.
Rogel also told the foresters that "large, responsible commercial forest products" could do more in the fight against global deforestation, "but only if we are by permitted and incented to do so.
We hope that at the end of the day, both energy supply and demand will be competitively priced, liquid commodities within a seamless, national marketplace in which all parties are incented to bring the lowest cost supplies to the energy consumer regardless of where the consumption occurs, said Goodman.
Users are not incented by Mailshell to subscribe through lotteries, promotions or sweepstakes.