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tr.v. in·cen·tiv·ized, in·cen·tiv·iz·ing, in·cen·tiv·iz·es
To offer incentives or an incentive to; motivate: "This bill will help incentivize everybody to solve that part of the problem" (Richard A. Gephardt).


(ɪnˈsɛntɪˌvaɪz) or


a. to provide (someone) with a good reason for wanting to do something: why not incentivize companies to relocate?.
b. to promote (something) with a particular incentive: an incentivized share option scheme.


(ɪnˈsɛn tɪˌvaɪz)
v.t. -vized, -viz•ing.
to give incentives to.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Users can expect to have shopping opportunities but the main attraction of the website is the incentivized aspect.
The salesperson selling the mutual fund is paid 1 percent commission every year the mutual fund is held (because he has to be incentivized annually to properly manage the fund, to avoid a loss in value), so he'll make 10 percent over the same 10-year period.
The change allows the investments in coal mining to be incentivized independently from calorie classification," he said.
Apple has banned incentivized app installs in a bid to curtail the excessive influence this practice exerts "in the listing order or ranking on the App Store.
The company is incentivized to continually find new contact center savings for their clients by identifying, implementing and monitoring inbound and outbound notification solutions.
The key controlling shareholders and highly incentivized management team have an unrivaled record in creating value well beyond initial post-transaction market expectations," Gibbs said.
Most may choose their own company's stock because they are incentivized by the company to do so (matching share programs and so forth) or mutual funds.
PBL contractors should be encouraged to use small and disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors, and may be incentivized to do so through PBL contractual incentives tied to small and disadvantaged business subcontracting goals.
HCFA never intended for facilities to give away services or, on the other hand, to be incentivized to keep residents longer just so they can get paid.
LOS ANGELES -- A new study issued today by KN Dimestore and SocialVibe shows that incentivized advertising works to drive active attention to a brand message and significantly increases brand perception and purchase intent.
Deloitte fellows will act as an innovation catalyst to help XPRIZE further its mission of driving breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity and develop new approaches for corporate social responsibility, leveraging the XPRIZE model for crowd-sourced incentivized competitions
com is currently fully functioning and equipped with stores, brands, store browsing, shopping cart, blog, user profiles, incentivized promotional videos and incentivized shopping.