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tr.v. in·cent·ed, in·cent·ing, in·cents
To incentivize: "would use tax breaks to incent corporations to invest in their future" (Scott Canon).

[Back-formation from incentive.]


vb (tr)
to provide (someone) with incentive; inspire or motivate
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Automated email solution rewards and incents social sharing
SpiffBox, the first social destination site that incents members with real money, announced today that it is available in public beta at www.
Patriarch inspires and incents management teams with equity participations to operate its portfolio companies with an eye towards rebuilding, using creative structural solutions and add-on investments in order to enhance the companies' long-term values.
The bonus incents long-term commitment to CIO Services by returning a percentage of profits to each employee in the Year 2000, based on tenure.
Under the Forte VAR program, Forte also incents VARs to get applications into production as soon as possible and eliminates potential conflicts between the customer, the VAR and the vendor.