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1. Incipient; beginning.
2. Grammar Inchoative.
Grammar An inchoative verb.


1. beginning; incipient; initial
2. (Grammar) grammar Also called: inchoative denoting an aspect of verbs in some languages used to indicate the beginning of an action
(Grammar) grammar
a. the inceptive aspect of verbs
b. a verb in this aspect
inˈceptively adv


(ɪnˈsɛp tɪv)

1. beginning; initial.
2. (of a verb form or aspect) expressing the beginning of the action indicated by the underlying verb, as Latin calēscō “become or begin to be hot” from caleō “be hot.”
3. the inceptive aspect.
4. a verb in this aspect.
[1605–15; < Late Latin inceptīvus. See incept, -ive]
in•cep′tive•ly, adv.
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Of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something:
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At this dim inceptive stage of the day Tess seemed to Clare to exhibit a dignified largeness both of disposition and physique, an almost regnant power, possibly because he knew that at that preternatural time hardly any woman so well endowed in person as she was likely to be walking in the open air within the boundaries of his horizon; very few in all England.
Moreover, if considered comprehensively as a focal reference, the maintenance within unified nonreductive tension of these distinct inceptive relations of ruler/ruled anticipates and is virtually presented in that living integrative complexus of all formal relations of rule able to be subjected to nomos as unified within politeia, the most achievable, efficacious, and flexible measure of all other forms of regime or rule.
I do want to caution investors, however," concluded Roth, "that both the OSU network interface and NetworkVUE network optimization software are new products designed for inceptive markets.
He also referred to Zhou Fagao's demonstration that in preverbal position in the Odes yu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a marker of inceptive or continuative aspect so that yu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], yun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and yue [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] together form a three-term aspectual system (Zhou 1962).
The most significant of these new products, the OSU(TM) Network Interface, is targeted at an inceptive market," said Roth.
The survey reported that since this is a new product in an inceptive market, the early sales cycle will require a period for educating potential users of the benefits of the OSU.
Nominal case: ABS = absolutive ALL = allative ERG = ergative LOC = locative MOD = modalis VIA = vialis Verbal modality: CSV = causative CTM = contemporative ICM = incontemporative IMP = imperative IND = indicative INT = interrogative PAR = participial (functionally equivalent to indicative in Tarramiut) Word-internal morphology: ATP = antipassive CAUS = causative DIM = diminutive EMPH = emphatic FUT = future HAB = habitual INCP = inceptive aspect NEG = negative PASS = passive PAST = past POL = politeness (preceding imperative) PRSP = prospective aspect Verbal inflection (e.
SV(n/adj): complex, contrary, furrier [CoD], incentive, inceptive,
Rather than relegating such rituals to obsolescence, however, the Gospel presents them as inceptive of a larger path of redemption that ultimately leads from death to life.
Appendix 3: Morphological glossing conventions IDU 1st person dual IPL 1st person plural 3SG 3rd person singular ABL ablative CAUS causative CER certain CNT continuous action DS different subject EMPH emphatic ERG ergative FRQ frequentative HAB habitant of HITH hither INCH inchoative INCP inceptive INST instrumental INT interrogative (.