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n.1.A beginner; one in the rudiments.
2.One who is on the point of taking the degree of master of arts at an English university.
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PolyCase's 74-grain Inceptor ARX scorched past the chronograph at 1,416 fps, besting the other two loads by an average of 373 fps.
PolyCase's Inceptor ARX ammunition made quite a splash with its injection-molded, metal-polymer bullets.
And as an inceptor of the ball, his totals from the past two seasons are better than Jagielka, Distin and Heitinga.
com) announced today that the assets of Idearc Inceptor, LLC a provider of SEO, Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing, and a wholly owned subsidiary of SuperMedia LLC (SPMD), have been acquired by Didit.
Few years ago when militants activities increased in the country, the government had issued a letter to all the Deputy Inceptor Generals (DIGs) and District Police Officers (DPOs) of the province to start crackdown against those Pash Imams who belong to Afghanistan in the district and remove them from the mosques.
1-kg Inceptor, which is a conventional helicopter with an endurance of 20 minutes and a maximum speed of 55 km/h.
Chief Mines Inceptor Balochistan, Iftikhar Ahmed told media that at least seven people have been killed and 43 are still trapped in a mine due to the accumulation of methane gas it caved in at 3am.
BAE brings key operational effectiveness and ongoing support capabilities to the F-35 program and delivers significant subsystems including electronic warfare, advanced low observable apertures, advanced countermeasure systems, vehicle management computers, and active inceptor systems from a number of facilities in the US.
In contrast, for the mutakallimun, God is not only the ultimate transcendent inceptor (mujid, muhdith) and motivator (muharrik) of the world (al-'alam), He is also the proximate, immanent sustainer (mubqi) and administrator (mudabbir) of the world, directly involved through His knowledge, will and power in each and every particular aspects of the structures, processes and ends of nature.
Army Black Hawk helicopters will be equipped with an "active pilot inceptor system.
Additionally, BAE Systems is responsible for supplying the Vehicle Management Computer, the Communication, Navigation and Identification (CNI) modules, the active inceptor system, and the EOTS Laser subsystem.
Having probably completed his liberal arts studies in London, Ockham would have proceeded to comment on the Sentences of Peter Lombard as an inceptor in theology at the university of Oxford.