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n.1.A beginner; one in the rudiments.
2.One who is on the point of taking the degree of master of arts at an English university.
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I've been fortunate enough to be the inceptor and be the forefront of it.
As an experiment, I also tried out the new PolyCase Inceptor 65-grain roundnose copper polymer bullet load, which is advertised at providing just over 1,500 fps out of handguns.
PolyCase is now offering Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo, which is, as they say, "Flatter, Faster, Frangible.
Soldier Systems Center, has selected Inceptor Sport Utility Ammo by PolyCase Ammunition as its exclusive training cartridge in preparation for the All-Army Marksmanship Competition.
VELOCITY COMPARISONS GLOCK 19 GLOCK 17L Hornady Critical Duty 135-grain +P 1093 1189 SIG Elite 115-grain FMJ 1199 1313 SIG Elite 124-grain JHP 1167 1250 Polycase Inceptor 65-grain RN 1597 1718 GEN 3 GLOCK 19 Manufacturer: Glock USA us.
PERFORMANCE RESULTS | POLYCASE INCEPTOR Bullet Muzzle Extreme Weight Velocity Spread .
Though manufactured in the same manner and featuring similar flat trajectories, the Inceptor RNP load is best suited for training at the range, because it lacks the terminal ballistic effects of the ARX flutes.
He is also called Muffakir-e-Pakistan (The Inceptor of Pakistan) and Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Sage of the Ummah) and is credited with sparking the pan-Islamic thought among Muslims of the subcontinent.
PolyCase's Inceptor ARX ammunition made quite a splash with its injection-molded, metal-polymer bullets.
Active Inceptor controls use sensors to detect how handling is being received by an aircraft and translate that data into force feedback in a pilot's control stick via electronics and a servo system.
And as an inceptor of the ball, his totals from the past two seasons are better than Jagielka, Distin and Heitinga.
i neologismi (12) e hapax terenziani, inceptor e perfector, sono in omeoteluto con inuentor, asindetici, a stretto contatto e isosillabici; inuentor e inceptor sono legati anche da allitterazione.