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1. Of, involving, or suggestive of incest.
2. Having committed incest.
3. Improperly intimate or interconnected: "Press-politics relations are notoriously incestuous" (Boston Globe).

in·ces′tu·ous·ly adv.
in·ces′tu·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.incestuously - by incest; "incestuously conceived"
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One might equally well describe it as being about the work that politics and political players increasingly do in the heritage industry, and the ways in which these two spheres incestuously intertwine.
Inquiries of the Football Association, which has detailed regulations seeking to prevent agents, managers and clubs working incestuously together and having conflicts of interest, produces the answer that no rules have been broken.
It is thus no surprise that Julika herself takes on distinct maternal characteristics, which is made especially clear in Stiller's dreams, where wife and mother appear to meld incestuously into one person (6: 727).
As evidenced by his outward actions, Claudius is "bloody" because he has murdered his brother, and "bawdy" because he has incestuously married his brother's wife, thus blurring traditional kinship distinctions.
The potential dark side of their patriarchal might occasionally found expression in popular narratives such as the film Forbidden Planet (1956) in which the other-worldly monster turns out to be a father with a voracious and incestuously inclined id.
As a would-be incestuously affectionate daughter, Rose struggles to find a reason to live as her father faces death.
98) Corporate and governmental power coexist incestuously, with officials going back and forth between corporate and governmental positions.
Cassandra does not incestuously desire her father or want to be a man; rather, she desires what she perceives to be his power.
Harby thus literalizes the maternal associations of Vittoria's figure in The Abbess, while purging them of their implied perversity: as Hoeveler explains, "for the British Protestant imaginary [Ireland's seduction] scene is shocking because it conveys the sexualization and fetishization of the phallic mother figure in an incestuously threatening manner (read: a seduction by the whore of Babylon or the Roman Catholic Church).
Much of the tale is told in flashbacks to the 1940s, when Vida was a child, and focuses on twins who share a private language, an incestuously close brother and sister and a scheming governess - basically, pretty much all the ingredients needed for a classic gothic novel.
Unfortunately, we, the poor in America - including those soon-to-be poor - will depart this world leaving behind those we have procreated; a generation, perhaps two, of future slaves we have incestuously sold to the ruling class.
And to make matters even more incestuously corrupt, Froman hired Jamie Rubin, the son of Citigroup CEO Robert Rubin (CFR, former Clinton treasury secretary, former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs), as a headhunter for the Obama transition team.