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Something measuring a specified number of inches, as in length or height. Often used in combination: an 18-incher.
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Maria ended up with an extra-hot 14 incher in her face, which would normally count as a good night out for her.
The main extruder is a 41/2 incher with a vertically mounted melt pump; the two coextruders are 2 in.
2 incher from EE also goes some way to strengthening the argument.
5 Top m their incher for Scots being warned if they vote Yes they will have Top Gear removed from their screens.
The future technologies of 4K and OLED loom on the horizon, but in the meantime the Japanese firm are concentrating on less sexy but cheaper to produce and more energy efficient LED displays such as this 47 incher.
The latest Acenta model has new, 'diamond cut'' two-tone 16-inch alloy wheels, replacing the original 15 inchers and now features body-coloured door mirrors and front fog light surrounds.