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1. Beginning; initial.
2. Grammar Of or being a verb or verbal form that designates the beginning of an action, state, or event, such as the Latin verb tumēscēre, "to begin to swell."

in·cho′a·tive n.
in·cho′a·tive·ly adv.


(ɪnˈkoʊ ə tɪv)
adj. n.
2. an inceptive verb.
[1520–30; < Late Latin inchoātīvum (verbum) inceptive (verb)]


Used to describe a verb form that expresses a beginning.
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Noun1.inchoative - aspect with regard to the beginning of the action of the verb
aspect - the beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb
Adj.1.inchoative - beginning to develop; "inchoative stages"
immature - not yet mature


[ɪnˈkəʊətɪv] ADJ [aspect, verb] → incoativo
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Here Gutierrez insists on the necessity of a critical use of social theories in general: "We need discernment, then, in dealing with the social sciences, not only because of their inchoative character.
Talmy proposes that positional verbs fall into three "aspect-causative types": stative "be in a position"; inchoative "get into a position" and agentive "put into a position" (see also Levin 1993).
Yucatec dispositional roots produce overtly derived transitive stems with -kVn(t/s), but this suffix also causativizes inchoative verbs.
A vrai dire l'identite est inchoative, elle est inscrite dans le temps.
Appendix 3: Morphological glossing conventions IDU 1st person dual IPL 1st person plural 3SG 3rd person singular ABL ablative CAUS causative CER certain CNT continuous action DS different subject EMPH emphatic ERG ergative FRQ frequentative HAB habitant of HITH hither INCH inchoative INCP inceptive INST instrumental INT interrogative (.
Certainly, with the revelation of the Son of God, this new reality has entered our world, but only in an inchoative way, such as at "the time of dawn, when darkness and light are intermingled," as Ratzinger explains with reference to the commentary of St.
There are some fine contributions to a still somewhat inchoative conversation between science and theology.
Face a un systeme de speculation financiere et immobiliere dont les divers dysfonctionnements semblent affecter de maniere disproportionnee les petites gens, ils demandent, de maniere parfois inchoative, que soit repensee notre maniere de produire et de distribuer la richesse.
Nevertheless, a more conservative view of the Old English weak verb would be that the stem formations mark simply absorption of verbality, which may in particular instances involve a variety of notional distinctions--with, certainly, causative and inchoative being prominent among them.
Wade (1) as the inchoative point of the abortion debate trajectory misapprehends the full scope and nature of the debate and unduly focuses on judicial actors.
Every element has the same properties of general modalities (reflexivity); the passage among vagueness, determination, and generality (transitivity) is the law of the development of meaning through categories (generality); this latter depends on the possible inchoative status of vague meaning (plasticity).
xwasura-aka-> PIE * swekuro-), xau, xuss-('sleep') (< 4hwap), xus-: xuss-('throw') (> inchoative stem of * hwah-'strike, thresh'; [inch.