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 (ĭn′sĭ-pĭt′, ĭng′kĭ-)
The opening words of a text, especially when used in place of a title to identify an otherwise untitled work.

[From Latin, third person sing. present tense of incipere, to begin; see inception.]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) here begins: used as an introductory word at the beginning of some medieval manuscripts


(ˈɪn sɪ pɪt; Lat. ˈɪŋ kɪ pɪt)

the introductory words or opening phrase of a text or an opening phrase in liturgical music.
[1895–1900; < Latin: (here) begins, 3rd singular present indic. of incipere]
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Below every box-and-whisker plot except for the first one, we visualize the Wilcoxon rank sum test results with a horizontal bar that is composed of one square for every incipit which is ranked higher than the current one.
The piece has neither incipit nor coloured initial to separate it from item 31.
In the Order of Mass, where the Latin rubric reads, 'Tunc sacerdos incipit Precem eucharisticum,' the translators have altered it to read instead, 'The priest leads the assembly in the eucharistic prayer.
The incipit of the first collect is Visita nos, thus the title of the book.
Indeed the many names of a preface mirror its many foolish forms and functions: preface, prologue, introduction, presentation, preamble, prelude, foreword, note, preliminary discourse or comment, proem, opening, incipit," to name only a few.
The original material may often be nothing more than a pet phrase which becomes formalized as an incipit of a contrafact composition.
Columbus has been fighting a major bedbug infestation for years, and enacted a bedbug oversight committee to marshal forces to fight this incipit outbreak.
The catalogue itself, and the associated indexes, constitute a remarkably extensive and ambitious bibliographical project: the catalogue entry for each item is unusually thorough in the amount of information and commentary provided, which includes a musical incipit for each voice, details of concordances (many newly identified here), descriptions of the works concerned, including their texts and the use of chant (with due reference to New-World sources), and information regarding modern editions, recordings, and bibliography.
There are over 10,000 red dots on one single page of the Gospels (on the Luke incipit page).
This extraordinary handlist--lucid in conceptualization and meticulous in execution--includes inter alia the authors' birth and death dates, BHL or BHG numbers for each narrative, the date of composition for each narrative, its incipit and desinit, the names of dedicatees or patrons and notice of dedicatory letters and prefaces, present-day locations of manuscripts arranged by city of current location, and notice of printed editions.
L'interrogativo non banale che riguarda il cinema di Roberto Benigni, e che e opportuno porre come incipit, e se si verifichi una simbiosi tra il rigore interpretativo degli sketch, di cui il regista toscano e maestro, e la visione d'insieme dei suoi film.
Former welfare rights worker Eddie Fitzpatrick recognised the scale of the scandal and set up Incipit -- Latin for ``here begins'' -- this May to help people claim their rightful compensation on a no-win-no-fee basis.