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Of, relating to, or being the cutting edge of an incisor or canine tooth.


(Dentistry) dentistry relating to the cutting edge of incisors and cuspids


(ɪnˈsaɪ zəl)
of or pertaining to the surface or cutting edge of an incisor.
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Incisal edge reattachment: Indications for use and clinical technique.
According to Dr Peter E Dawson, "the plane of occlusion refers to an imaginary surface that theoretically touches incisal edges of the incisors and the tips of the occluding surfaces of the posterior teeth".
The mesio-distal width at the incisal edges and the cervico-incisal crown length of the permanent maxillary right lateral incisor is equal supplemental tooth.
In case of mild to moderate irritation to the tongue, conservative treatment such as smoothing the incisal edge with an abrasive instrument is advocated to alleviate feeding difficulties or complications like Riga-Fede disease.
Inter incisal angle was statistically reduced in both groups showing proclination of teeth relative to their bases.
INTRODUCTION: Talon cups are morphologically well-delineated, accessory talon-shaped cusps, projecting from the lingual or facial surface of the crown of incisors and extending at least half the distance from the cementoenamel junction to the incisal edge (1).
The bite planes contacted the incisal edge of the lower incisors in occlusion, and the upper and lower molars were separated immediately.
13 Foulger TE, Tredwin CJ, Gill DS, et al: The in uence of varying maxillary incisal edge embrasure space and interproximal contact area dimensions on perceived smile aesthetics.
Incisal reduction: There are two techniques for placement of incisal finish line.
The inclined plane was located incisal to the slot so that there was no contact of the teeth with archwire.
Careful observation of large tooth revealed an indentation on the labial and palatal surface running from the incisal edge to the cervical margin almost dividing the crown into two halves and prominent cingulum on the palatal surface (Fig 1).
Incisal fractures of anterior teeth have been successfully treated by reattachment.