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Of, relating to, or being the cutting edge of an incisor or canine tooth.


(Dentistry) dentistry relating to the cutting edge of incisors and cuspids


(ɪnˈsaɪ zəl)
of or pertaining to the surface or cutting edge of an incisor.
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In addition, depending on the cause, aesthetic crown lengthening or reshaping the incisal edge of the upper front teeth can be used," according to Dr.
Positive features include rotations or incisal fractures; missing teeth or diastemas provide negative features of a bite mark (Figures 4, 5 and 6).
To measure overjet, the examiner placed a Williams periodontal probe on the incisal surface of the maxillary central incisors parallel to the occlusal plane to determine the horizontal relation of the incisors.
There is increased translucency particularly in anterior teeth as enamel is dissolved and incisal chipping occurs as the enamel becomes thinner.
5 mm incisal and occlusal reduction, and 1 mm axial reduction with 4 to 6[degrees] taper are recommended for zirconia restorations (45).
Our inclusion criteria were cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract; treatment with radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery; and a maximal incisal opening (MIO) of less than 30 mm.
Key words: aesthetic perception, smile, incisal edge, dental midline
Cranial characters include (1) wide nasal apertures (African), (2) narrow nasal apertures (Caucasoid), (3) wide interorbital distances (African), (4) no nasal sill (African), (5) pointed nasal spine (Caucasoid), (6) palate wide and often rectangular (African), (7) palate narrow and triangular (Caucasoid), (8) curved suture between the zygomatic and maxilla (Caucasoid), (9) edge-to-edge incisal occlusion (Asian), (10) slight overbite (Caucasoid), (11) anterior projecting zygomatics (Asian), (12) flattened facial skeleton (Asian), (13) prognathous facial skeleton (African), (14) circular orbits (Asian), (15) rectangular orbits (African) and (16) shovel-shaped incisors (Asian), (17) lighter and relatively smaller facial bones (Caucasoid), and (18) rounded calvaria (Asian).
Para analise quantitativa dos resultados obtidos pelo tratamento ortodontico, foram estudados o perfil facial, a proporcao aurea interincisivos, a linha media facial e dentaria e a silhueta incisal no sorriso.
The load was applied using a chisel-shaped steel pin, corresponding to the shape and dimension of the incisal edge of a lower incisor (Figure 5).
of Michigan) provide all illustrations in full color, with 30 new drawings detailing the mesial, incisal, distal, lingual, and facial/labial views of each tooth.