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1. Stormy: inclement weather.
2. Showing no clemency; unmerciful.

in·clem′en·cy n.
in·clem′ent·ly adv.
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Lewis had fallen prey to whimsical Cupid, just as had happened to Keats, who, like Lewis, had laughed at people falling in love--only to soon be struck inclemently by the spells of the "Minx" (Fanny Brawne) (for details on this captivating situation, see Stroe 2015b).
Cases such as Deakin and Wolf also show that courts may look inclemently on people whose readiness to resort to law leads them to behave in a hectoring, mercurial or otherwise unreasonable manner.
If things stabilize, weather is inclemently warm, and water temperatures actually increase, smallmouth fishing can become problematic.