incline bench press

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Noun1.incline bench press - a bench press performed on an inclined bench
bench press - a weightlift in which you lie on your back on a bench and press weights upward
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Do some research on which moves target your muscles and try out variations of those, for instance - an incline bench press is better than a flat bench press.
To get his James Bond body, Daniel Craig put himself through a tough fitness routine, including the incline bench press, inset; Wesley Doyle believes it's possible for any man to get Daniel's shape
Precompetitive/Competitive Phase Mesocycle SUNDAY TUESDAY THURSDAY Crunches 3X30 Hang Snatch (see %) Sit-ups w/ weight with weight 3X15 Bench Press Mid Thigh High Pull Dumbell Bench (see %) 5 x 3 Press 3 x 5 Hang Clean Shrugs 3 x 6 Narrow Grip Snatch (see %) 3 x 5 50% (light and fast) Close Grip Incline Bench Press B.