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1. An instrument used to determine the angle of the earth's magnetic field in respect to the horizontal plane.
2. An instrument for showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizontal.


1. (Aeronautics) an aircraft instrument for indicating the angle that an aircraft makes with the horizontal
2. (General Physics) another name for dip circle


(ˌɪn kləˈnɒm ɪ tər)

an instrument for measuring the angle an aircraft makes with the horizontal.


an instrument for measuring the inclination or dip of the earth’s magnetic force.
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Noun1.inclinometer - an instrument showing the angle that an aircraft makes with the horizoninclinometer - an instrument showing the angle that an aircraft makes with the horizon
navigational instrument - an instrument used for navigating
2.inclinometer - a measuring instrument for measuring the angle of magnetic dip (as from an airplane)
aeroplane, airplane, plane - an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
3.inclinometer - an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevationinclinometer - an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation
surveying instrument, surveyor's instrument - an instrument used by surveyors
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I had an idea of how it would work, using inclinometers and accelerometers and put that to him and I ran it by him and within two weeks we had a big block of a model, very unattractive and the screen was a bit naff, but it proved that it could work in real time.
The measurements have been executed with wireless digital inclinometers (Jtech medical instrument, Salt Lake City, UT), which have a 1[degrees] increment.
CAIRO, April 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Si-Ware Systems (SWS), a premier provider of IC- and MEMS-based solutions for industrial and consumer applications, is supplying its SWS1110, high performance inertial sensing conditioning ASIC, for First Sensor's new line of accelerometers and inclinometers.
Accelerometers and inclinometers were installed with the correction of the GPS function around the substructure and superstructure of the bridge, which is called Chung Sha Bridge over Zhuo-shui River in Taiwan, and figured out the bridge scour monitoring technologies associated with natural frequency.
Fresh techniques are described in testing ROM of the temporomandibular joint as well as the spine, using calipers, standard inclinometers, tape measures and the Cervical Range-of-Motion Instrument
The soil is still moving by millimetres according to the geological department which placed some inclinometers in the area and is carrying out tests every two weeks," he said yesterday.
Fortunately, nearly all premium-grade laser rangefinders these days have automatic inclinometers built-in, which automatically calculate the "true ballistic range" of a steeply angled shot.
K800/N1/103 bucket-wheel excavator geometric parameters, in [m] Symbol Geodesic Dimension surveying, GPS, inclinometers Bucket-wheel boom length lv 35,966 Distance from IRC centre, having [l.
These sensors can include strain gauges, piezometers, inclinometers, displacement transducers or other sensors with analog/digital outputs.
In order to achieve the highest levels of equipment utilisation, Sonar Equipment has opted to equip its Compatts with the highest grade Paroscientific DigiQuartz pressure sensors, inclinometers and sound velocity sensors.
The Mantracourt T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible low-power radio system designed to enable the transmission of high-accuracy measurement data from load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, temperature, displacement and pressure sensors.
These are able to measure depth and by working in conjunction with inclinometers recognise whether the level is increasing or decreasing.