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 (ĭn′kə-mĕn′sər-ĭt, -shər-)
a. Not commensurate; disproportionate: a reward incommensurate with their efforts.
b. Inadequate.
2. Incommensurable.

in′com·men′su·rate·ly adv.
in′com·men′su·rate·ness n.


1. (when: postpositive, often foll by with) not commensurate; disproportionate
2. incommensurable
ˌincomˈmensurately adv
ˌincomˈmensurateness n


(ˌɪn kəˈmɛn sər ɪt, -ʃər-)

1. not commensurate; disproportionate; inadequate.
2. incommensurable.
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Adj.1.incommensurate - not corresponding in size or degree or extent; "a reward incommensurate with his effort"
unequal - poorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure
commensurate - corresponding in size or degree or extent; "pay should be commensurate with the time worked"


[ˌɪnkəˈmenʃərɪt] ADJ (frm) → desproporcionado
to be incommensurate withno guardar relación con


to be incommensurate with somethingin keinem Verhältnis zu etw stehen
(= inadequate)unzureichend (to für)
References in classic literature ?
Yet to supply this conception various historians take forces of different kinds, all of which are incommensurate with the movement observed.
What Egypt presented so far from its actions to eliminate climate change is incommensurate with such crises," the statement added.
Citing a letter sent in April by Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides to the finance minister, the paper had presented a breakdown of the monthly remuneration received by all Cypriot deputies, and argued that they were excessive and incommensurate with ongoing economic circumstances in the country, which have forced pay cuts on the public sector.
In this proposal we aim to find the holographic descriptions of incommensurate and commensurate phases and study the transport properties and phase diagrams, especially quantum phase transitions to gain more insight into the understanding of cuprates and the deep reason of why some holographic models are able to produce the same behaviour of optical conductivity as in strange metals.
As the Nature study puts it: "Development of resources in the Arctic and any increase in unconventional oil production are incommensurate with efforts to limit average global warming to 2 degrees [Centigrade].
Among the topics are civil religion and the moral reconstruction of China, performative aspects of youth militia in Serra Leone, an archaeological retrospective on Durkheim and the primitive mind, whether individual is to collective as Freud is to Durkheim, and three incommensurate histories of a collaborator's rebellion in the colonial Sudan.
Although the ostensible aim was to kill the leadership of the movement for right to self-determination, the level of force used in the attack was utterly incommensurate with this limited and eminently attainable aim.
Such pressures produce one central conflict for Giselle: her desire for emotional intimacy and love threatens--and indeed seems incommensurate with--accomplishing those goals.
Rather than flattening differences or presuming that these are so specific as to be radically incommensurate, highlighting their constitutive relationality from the vantage point of black studies will facilitate imagining different ways of inhabiting this world--and perhaps the next ones--in a more just manner.
Lemon proposed a series of seven events that dealt with the question of value, beginning with the incommensurate economies of visual art and dance but also extending more widely into issues of race and culture.
security commitments incommensurate with the costs.
At best, this seemed incommensurate with what the career path of any professional degree holder should be; at worst, it was a violation of the trust placed in the institution by the students and their families.