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a. Not capable of existing in agreement or harmony with something else: incompatible views on religion.
b. Not capable of living or working together happily or harmoniously; antagonistic: incompatible roommates.
2. Impossible to be held simultaneously by one person: the incompatible offices of prosecutor and judge.
3. Logic That cannot be simultaneously true; mutually exclusive.
4. Medicine
a. Producing an undesirable effect when used in combination with a particular substance: a medication that is incompatible with alcohol.
b. Not immunologically compatible: incompatible blood types.
One that is incompatible.

in′com·pat′i·ble·ness n.
in′com·pat′i·bly adv.
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Adv.1.incompatibly - without compatibility
compatibly - with compatibility
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She's merely squandering it alone in a chair feeling sorry for herself while the man she incompatibly clings to plays video games.
The "should" of idiosyncratic hypothesis and the "should" of conventional prescription cohabit incompatibly within the same phrase.
While Coasean reciprocal causation may be controversial in the context of ordinary nuisance disputes, when different uses occur in incompatibly close proximity--for example, a brickworks next to private homes--in emergency-destruction cases the uses themselves, such as having a building on a lot, are identical; what varies are the surrounding circumstances in which those uses occur.
A good number of scholars have shown that nationality labels have been incompatibly applied in the PRC, they exhibit lack of historical precision, overlook the local conceptions of identity, and are staunch manifestations of age-old folk Chinese notions of ethnic/racial difference (24).
Thus, Kieslowski's use of chiasmus as a structural and thematic principle helps to shape the story into an important statement about the nature of faith by having us follow the inversely parallel journeys of Krzysztof and Irena as they respond separately and incompatibly to the death of Pawel.
In a recent article, Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule observed that legal scholarship has tended incompatibly to feature "deeply pessimistic accounts of the motivations of relevant actors in the legal system" and also "optimistic proposals] that the same actors should supply public-spirited solutions.
Such cases of incompatibly seek to avoid the situations in which the exercise of the parliamentary mandate, could be in conflict with the elected member's professional or private interests (Ardant, 1996, p.
For participants responding S-R compatibly in the incongruent condition but S-R incompatibly in the congruent condition, SRC effects would have counteracted CEs.
1) Rather than viewing the victims and predators as incompatibly dissimilar figures, we contend that both are constituted through existing discursive strategies about sexuality, gender, and the law.
In the report, the authors acknowledge the incompatibly of Syria's desire to have returned "all territory lost to Israel in June 1967," and Israel's desire to not return said territory.