incompetent cervix

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Noun1.incompetent cervix - (obstetrics) uterine cervix that becomes dilated before term and without labor often resulting in miscarriage or premature birth
cervix uteri, uterine cervix, cervix - necklike opening to the uterus
midwifery, obstetrics, tocology, OB - the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother
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6 Incompetent cervix - premature opening of the cervix which can lead to pre-term birth.
I was 39 by this time, and that was when I wondered what was wrong with me, and it was discovered I had an incompetent cervix too.
The added stress on the body can be risky in the first trimester, the period in which most miscarriages occur, or in the case of serious complications like precancer or an incompetent cervix.
Sami Kilic, chief of minimally invasive gynecology and research at UTMB, is the first surgeon in the world reported to have used robotically assisted, ultrasound-guided laparoscopic surgery to successfully tighten a pregnant patient's incompetent cervix.
For the couples who do get concrete answers, the causes can include chromosomal abnormalities, immunological conditions that can lead to blood clotting disorders, hormonal or thyroid problems or anatomical conditions such as an irregular womb or incompetent cervix.
Pastoriza's records for September and October of 2005 continued to note the history of an incompetent cervix and ceriages.