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 (hăp′tĕn′) also hap·tene (-tēn′)
A small molecule that reacts with a specific antibody but does not induce an immune response unless bound to a larger molecule, usually a protein.

[German : Greek haptein, to fasten + German -en, noun suffix (from Greek -ēnē, -ene).]

hap·ten′ic adj.


(ˈhæptən) or


(Physiology) immunol an incomplete antigen that can stimulate antibody production only when it is chemically combined with a particular protein
[C20: from German, from Greek haptein to fasten]


(ˈhæp tɛn)

also hap•tene


a substance that reacts with antibodies but cannot by itself stimulate more antibodies; a partial antigen.
[1920–25; < German < Greek hápt(ein) to grasp + German -en -ene]
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Factors that I think are most important relating to DTaP vaccine failure are as follows: decay in antibody over time; a T helper (Th) 1 /Th2 versus a Th1, Th17 cellular response; incomplete antigen package; incorrect balance of antigens in the vaccine; linked-epitope sup pression; and the occurrence of pertactin-deficient B.