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Not willing to comply.

in′com·pli′ance, in′com·pli′an·cy n.
in′com·pli′ant·ly adv.


not compliant; unyielding or inflexible
ˌincomˈpliance, ˌincomˈpliancy n
ˌincomˈpliantly adv


(ˌɪn kəmˈplaɪ ənt)

not compliant.
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With extreme pressure on resources, many SMEs are unconsciously incompliant with legislation and have a long way to go to be unconsciously compliant .
It smartly positions vehicles incompliant with the rules, and enhances the quality of images of such vehicles, which in turn will reflect positively on the speed of responding to complaints and signing them off in a timely manner", bin Udai said.
It smartly positions vehicles incompliant with the rules, which would help resolve issues in a timely manner.
Closing this road located within the liberated area by the UNIFIL is incompliant with UN resolution 1701, and comes within the frame of the international peacekeepers' responsiveness to an Israeli tendency to close that road," Fayyad indicated in a word delivered during a mass rally at the eastern entrance of Abbassieh village.
Still, he said he supported the move by Abu Faour, because revealing the names of incompliant establishments scared others and prompted them to boost their standards.
The court convened at 10:00 AM and ruled that the article (20) of the draft law on traffic is incompliant with the provisions of the constitution.
Although Penny was aware of power imbalances between policy makers and practitioners, she was not prepared to challenge the institutional stories coming down the conduit at the risk of appearing incompliant to those with hiring capabilities.
Bayer noted that it has "very strict compliance rules" that clearly prohibit incompliant behaviour of employees.
For example, Prime Minister Erdoy-an recently made comments calling the TV soap opera "Magnificent Century" incompliant with the historical values of our civilization.
He said European pressure was working against incompliant countries and Spain, for example, had cut its number caged hens by around eight million.
12) With this holding, the Supreme Court confirmed earlier decisions finding functional claim elements incompliant with the definiteness requirement of the Patent Act of 1870.