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 (ĭn′kŏm-prĭ-hĕn′sĭv, ĭn-kŏm′-)
Limited in scope; not all-inclusive.

in′com·pre·hen′sive·ly adv.


(ˌɪnkɒmprɪˈhɛnsɪv; ɪnˌkɒm-)
not comprehensive; limited in range or scope
ˌincompreˈhensively adv
ˌincompreˈhensiveness n
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Adj.1.incomprehensive - not comprehensive
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I criticized this government at length about their incomprehensive and shortsighted approach to the peace process.
Ne nous quitte pas Nous t'inventerons Des mots insenses Que tu comprendras Elle devient exigeante, incomprehensive, intransigeante, tetue, irritable, mechante, impolie, insatisfaite, inassouvie, ignorante, gourmande, imprevisible- Elle jalouse et envie celles qui menent une vie plus aisee que la sienne, oubliant celles qui triment comme des betes de somme pour un morceau de pain.
Unattractive and incomprehensive environment has probability to overshadow the coming experiences especially in perceive available cultural and heritage assets.
In the course of the press conference, al-Jaafari was asked about whether the newly-approved resolution could be considered incomprehensive as it doesn't include measures to force countries to control their borders in the face of the terrorists and stolen oil and archeological items.
Existing regulations suffer from being incomprehensive and untested in most cases and that again could be traced to the lack of a central body with authority to enforce such regulation.
If you ve ever puzzled over the bill that the doctor s office gives, then like most of us the bill is incomprehensive.
It is incomprehensive as to what compelled Abdullah to deviate from the understanding when the salient features that Washington spelt out also included forming of a unitary government.
The speech soon degenerates into incomprehensive absurdity:
The double-speak of Naidu has reached its peak and his theatrics have been incomprehensive as only a section of the TDP MPs had given the no confidence notice.
Similarly, the international institutions of the IMFS has incomprehensive oversight framework for excessive cross-border capital flows.