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 (ĭn-kŏng′gro͞o-ənt, ĭn′kŏn-gro͞o′ənt)
1. Not congruent.
2. Incongruous.

in·con′gru·ence n.
in·con′gru·ent·ly adv.
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That is, negative evil, errant cause, and human evil are possible only as experiences through an incongruence with or divergence from the rational goodness of the world-soul.
The palpable incongruence between the approaches of the two countries regarding how to define moderate rebels and what to do with non-ISIL Islamist groups provides potential for a rift that could seriously jeopardize the mission, even in the early stages of Turkish-American cooperation.
This research is consistent with previous research on cognitive dissonance (Festinger, 1957), in which incongruence between attitudes and behavior creates a negative, motivational state, which impels individuals to reduce the inconsistency and ease the tension.
These collective factors have resulted in a pervasive trend of students blaming the incongruence between an instructor's teaching style with their personal learning style as the basis for their failing to learn.
This paper investigates the effects of gender and gender role incongruence on the determination of criminal responsibility.
The transgender experience is typified by feelings of incongruence, and sometimes unease, with the gender assigned at birth.
Gender dysphoria refers to the distress that may accompany the incongruence between one's expressed gender and one's assigned gender.
Probe for a more thorough response and note the congruence or incongruence of body language; it speaks volumes.
It is true that Lowin's work is not as decisive as might be thought, but it nonetheless retains a degree of incongruence in its invective "against every dancer and danceresse, which in their dances have no remembrance of God, are greatly culpable before the eyes of God himselfe, although they seeme to be without fault in the sight of men.
5) We can confidently rule out incompetence as a source of incongruence with expert consensus, which makes this puzzle all the more interesting.
Thus, we propose that the tendency to repair is elicited by an appraisal pattern of goal incongruence plus high coping potential.
However, unfortunately for Mr Orphanides the incongruence of his statements then and now indicates his lack of credibility," the statement read.