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Lacking harmony, agreement, or compatibility; discordant.

in·con′so·nance n.
in·con′so·nant·ly adv.


lacking in harmony or compatibility; discordant
inˈconsonance n
inˈconsonantly adv


(ɪnˈkɒn sə nənt)

not consonant or in accord.
in•con′so•nance, n.
in•con′so•nant•ly, adv.
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Devoid of harmony and accord:
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Bolaji explained that the repair work was inconsonant with the 12 weeks mandate given by President Muhammadu Buhari to the agency to carry repair works on federal roads nationwide.
Thus, the inconsonant inclusion criteria may contribute to the lower incidence of nosocomial infections observed in our study.
This is inconsonant with International studies which suggest more vulnerability of women to CF as compared to men13.
However, he relativizes once again his involvement in these US policy services by adding that his connection with the MIT's Center 'was nominal at best', and the results the Modjukuto team produced were considered by the Center staff and the team itself as 'rather to the side of the Center's mission, inconsonant with its "applied" emphasis and too concerned with what the program-minded types took to be parochial matters' (Geertz 2002:6-7).
On the contrary, Thomas Hardy's Brains steadfastly points to inconsonant, variable background sources delivered in the unassuming voice of a messenger:
Abstraction is inconsonant with the kinds of material embodiment perceived as integral to activist engagement (which ecocriticism has always sought).
Another interpretation which comes in my mind is that the UN Mission in South Sudan has declared the attempted coup successful and considered the current government illegitimate, a view that is inconsonant with the principle of State sovereignty.
Otherwise we might make a seemingly reasonable choice of a proximate end, for example, to get married and still sin, if this decision is inconsonant with our own unique relationship with God.
Zhi Xiaomin (2008), a Chinese cultural scholar, observes on Yanhuangchunqiu (an influential Chinese historical journal) that the traditional arrangement of the CCP leaders inspecting from above the military and the people implies a hierarchical relationship that has become deeply inconsonant with contemporary Chinese realities and modern democratic tenets.
One of the problems is that the tragedies we want to write out of our current contexts are inconsonant with traditional definitions of what tragedy actually signifies.
The label of classical realism, he argues, "lumps together a range of inconsonant thinkers in potentially misleading ways" (p.
What we are witnessing here is something similar to what we had seen already in Scotus: in line with the sedimentation of Aristotelian natural philosophy in the new form of via moderna, there is developing a fresh moral consciousness, or practical philosophy, which is charged with accommodating some of the most acute infinite elements, embedded in Christian outlook but found inconsonant with the modern tenet of particularized reality (Schulthess and Imbach 1996:260261).