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Yet what most amazed Tarzan was that though he realized the incredibility of it all, he at the same time accepted it as a matter of course, first that a lion should climb at all and second that he should enter the upper terraces where even Sheeta, the panther, dared not venture.
Biocept's unique technology is incredibility sensitive and specific, and its dual approach using both CTCs and ctDNA to detect biomarker mutations could provide the most complete assessment of each patient's cancer in this sample type," said Suzanne Fuqua, Ph.
Talking about the success of the event, General Manager of Bait Al Zubair, Paul Doubleday said: "I am always incredibility impressed by the creativity present in Oman.
At trial, the defense exposed the incredibility of these allegations by aggressively cross-examining the child accusers.
Buckley insightfully exegetes this passage: "Two things were poignantly obvious to Nietzsche: that the incredibility of god within the bourgeois world constitutes his death, and that this was the elimination of a god radically unimportant to those who clustered there.
13 (SUNA) - The official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Kurdufani, has reaffirmed that a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) on claims of mass rape in Tabit village, north Darfur state, is but an attempt to reproduce an issue long closed after the world was convinced about the incredibility and illogicality of the claims of mass rape.
He said: "The whole of Britain is incredibility proud of you and proud of what you do for our country.
Al-Azrag urged Ban not to waste the UN resources on investigating claims made by a radio well-known for its fabrications, saying the UN and UNAMID had previously complained about the incredibility of that radio.
Courtenay as a natural if somewhat naive storyteller, and the incredibility of it all begins to dissolve.
Chapter Six, "Information, Inflexibility, Incredibility, and Mismanagement," keeps up the drumbeat of government failure.
The source said that the Syrian government has expected that representative of the Secretary General would enjoy courage in presenting facts and cooperate in order to find objective solutions, but she has selected the way of defamation, incredibility and non-transparency, which puts a sign of inquiry about the scope of her neutrality in dealing with the suffering of children in Syria and her politicization of this issue at a time when Syria continues shouldering its responsibilities to protect Syria children.
We have over 20,000 email and social 'followers' which is incredibility exciting; the concept of our online jewellery marketplace is really starting to stick.