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Flexibility and incrementalism -- Although we had some flexibility in application development through the use of contractors, we weren't totally satisfied with the arrangements.
Incrementalism can generate revenues in the short-term, but misses the revolutionary long-term potential that nanotechnology promises.
The US should take initiatives and not only respond to openings, and it should transcend incrementalism and aim instead for an end-game, not shying away from offering its own proposals.
With trademark energy and enthusiasm, Peters will inspire QAD customers with new ideas about innovation, incrementalism, branding, risk, market creation, and uniqueness, to reinvigorate the workplace and lead change.
Just as we saw a modest technology bump from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS, Apple is adopting the same model of iterative improvement and incrementalism as they gear up for the iPhone 5 platform.
According to NetCracker, the recipe for Service Layer Transformation is logical: CSPs must avoid incrementalism in OSS, and must tackle the systemic problems of lack of automation, antiquated processes and inefficient resource optimization.
And once the full force of the crisis hit, officials became caught in a reactive cycle of incrementalism - with each intervention setting up the next one.
Trammel noted that China's economy is defined by the three "I"s: incrementalism, inflation and inflection.
Incrementalism simply could do more harm than good.
He will cover incrementalism, passion, risk, market creation, learning, forgetting, talent, respect, and uniqueness.
the authors discuss what is meant by successful regeneration, followed by an exploration of obstacles to change, leading to the presentation of a model, which they call strategic incrementalism, as a framework with which cities can overcome these obstacles and pursue successful change.