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 (ĭn′krə-mənt, ĭng′-)
1. The process of increasing in number, size, quantity, or extent.
2. Something added or gained: a force swelled by increments from allied armies.
3. A slight, often barely perceptible augmentation.
4. One of a series of regular additions or contributions: accumulating a fund by increments.
5. Mathematics A small positive or negative change in the value of a variable.

[Middle English, from Latin incrēmentum, from incrēscere, to increase; see increase.]

in′cre·men′tal (-mĕn′tl) adj.
in′cre·men·tal′i·ty (-mĕn-tăl′ĭ-tē) n.
in′cre·men′tal·ly adv.


by increments; in an incremental way
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5 MHz, incrementally uploaded program, RDS, in accordance with Appendix 1 and 9 - 15 to the Specification of the tender.
we need to equip the authorities with the ability to influence, incrementally, the flow of credit.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 28, 2006 - (JCN) - Yokohama Rubber announced today that it will raise the prices of its exports of tire products incrementally, starting in September.
It establishes benchmarks for incrementally accomplishing the remaining implementation goals to enable the NAIS to be operational by 2007, and to achieve full producer participation by 2009.
Brazil is on track to exceed US$100 billion in exports in 2005 even as its goods become incrementally less competitive abroad.
At the root of the problem is technology that has improved only incrementally, not radically, since the 1920s.
In an interview with Reforma, Powell promised that "progress on migration"--that is to say, amnesty for illegal aliens --would be a second-term priority for President Bush, albeit one pursued incrementally.
In Canada, we have incrementally made social and economic gains for our relationships based on the fundamental declaration made in 1995 that we are equal as persons.
The study "moves the field incrementally but importantly forward," says Paul E.
Capacity and performance are incrementally scaled, without application disruption.