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Showing a progressively larger lighted surface, as of a planet or the moon; waxing.

[Latin incrēscēns, incrēscent-, present participle of incrēscere, to increase; see increase.]


(Celestial Objects) (esp of the moon) increasing in size; waxing
[C16: from Latin incrēscēns]


(ɪnˈkrɛs ənt)

waxing: the increscent moon.
[1565–75; < Latin incrēscent-, s. of incrēscēns, present participle of incrēscere; see increase]
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Using potentially irritating or skin-incompatible ingredients in daily-use home care, laundry and personal care products can cause increscent damage, due to a cascading array of inflammatory responses.
5% for 2h, after which, the material was dehydrated in an increscent series of acetone (50-100%), transferred to a mixture of acetone and 100% resin Araldite[TM] (1:1) and left overnight.
It is not only desirable to look for an increscent of the scientific production, but also we must try that the new contents will take part in the disciplines training plans.
3-6 GI is associated with insulin resistance (IR) identified by the concurrent increscent of blood glucose and insulin.
Increscent of mRNA concentration with increscent requirement protein cause property response to the hormones.
And the deformation of the coating which is between two adjacent asperities located on different tangent plane decreases with the increscent spacing of these two asperities.
Given that the latter of these options contravenes the express purposes and provisions of the ESA, which Congress enacted to combat increscent trends in native species extinction, choosing among the two options should be self-evident.
On the other hands excessive withdrawal of groundwater resources has other consequences like Nitrate increscent in drinking water and Tehran aquifer instability.
With the curve number, the amount of both periods 1968 to 1995 and 1995 to 2008 show increscent.
In the current study because of increscent the overwhelming obesity and overweight in developing countries and the increasing trend of this phenomenon in Iran, BMI predictive factors were investigated as one of the common indices of obesity and overweight.