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An incunabulum.

[French, from New Latin incūnābulum; see incunabulum.]


a less common singular form of incunabula


(ɪnˈkyu nə bəl)

a book from a collection of incunabula; incunabulum.
[1885–90; < French < Latin incūnābulum. See incunabula]
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Again, there has been a well-developed discourse about Gutenberg and movable type, about its relation to Chinese printing, about the world of the great incunable printers, and I will not rehearse that now.
There are over 6,000 volumes in the collection which also includes about 30 incunable (books printed before 1501).
Mak describes how the Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand, where twenty-two manuscript and incunable versions of Buonaccorso's text are preserved, separates these versions according to their production, subject matter, language, and monetary value.
69) A German woodcut makes clear reference to the same miracle, as do a pair of illuminated initials in an incunable in Colmar.
1) Ainsi Diego Clemencin, dans son edition monumentale du Don Quichotte (18331839), se base sur la version de Caylus et sur la traduction italienne, n'ayant pu trouver un seul exemplaire de l'edition incunable catalane.
The incunable period should be understood, Kuskin argues, not merely as a transitional or introductory phase, but as central to larger patterns in book history: not as "the beginning of a linear movement toward print culture" but as "part of an enduring culture of the vernacular book" (18).
Foxcroft annotated a copy of the larger catalogue for each additional incunable placed in the collection.
Through reformatting, an incunable can have its intellectual content reprinted and physical attributes exquisitely represented in high-resolution scans; it can end up being more accessible for examination and at levels not attainable by the naked eye.
Working from a sample of 141 incunable books, (all the extant editions of eight widely read devotional texts and books of hours), she has found that slightly more than half of these books belonged to nuns and the remainder to either aristocratic or gentry women.
EE viii]) of an incunable Latin Bible, printed at Speier by Peter Drach in 1489 (Goff B-587),(3) in a well-formed hand of the late fifteenth century.
Over the next two decades, Susan Morse Hilles continued to send volumes from her parents' library to Yale and a 1953 gift included Alexander McNutt's The Constitution and Frame of Government of the Free and Independent State and Commonwealth of New Ireland, printed by Robert Aitkin (Philadelphia, 1780); the first editions of parts one and two of Don Quixote (Valencia, 1605 and Madrid, 1615); and Processianum Ordine Fratrum Predicatorum (Seville, 1494), then the oldest Spanish incunable in Yale's collection.
In Montserrat Jimenez San Cristobal, "La version castellana del Isagogicon moralis disciplinae de Leonardo Bruni conservada en el incunable 1.