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 (ĭn′kyə-năb′yə-ləm, ĭng′-)
n. pl. in·cu·nab·u·la (-lə)
1. A book printed before 1501; an incunable.
2. An artifact of an early period.

[New Latin incūnābulum, from sing. of Latin incūnābula, swaddling clothes, cradle : in-, in; see in-2 + cūnābula, cradle, infancy (from cūnae, cradle; see kei- in Indo-European roots).]

in′cu·nab′u·lar (-lər) adj.


any of the rare, early examples of movabletype editions printed in the last part of the 15th century, as Caxton’s editions of Chaucer and Malory. — incunabula, n. pl.incunabulist, n.incunabular, adj.
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En effet, le signe ne vaut, plastiquement parlant, que par sa stricte dynamique scripturale, avec, inevitablement, un cote referentiel qui serait ici ludique, la linguistique (relativement a l'ecriture amazighe) ou documentaire dans le sens ou, derriere, se revele une histoire humaine ; le signe serait alors considere dans l'ensemble de ses manifestations, tels les incunables d'un imaginaire collectif pouvant remonter jusqu'a la nuit des temps.
As this reclassification took place, one main division occurred between incunabula and early printed book, with the valuable incunables extricated and bound more elegantly (36).
Lotte Hellinga explores the provenance of the Smith incunables, the earliest known part of the King's Library, and signals the Bibliotheca Smithiana catalogue as a bibliographic masterpiece and reference tool to understand the many links among collectors.
7) Jose Maria Caballero, Diario de la patria boba, Bogota, Editorial Incunables, 1986, p.
Among the most significant medieval sources in the BNE are the monophonic and Notre Dame polyphonic codices from Toledo Cathedral, some original codices from the ancient Hispanic liturgy, the so-called "visigotico-mozarabe" from the tenth and eleventh centuries, historic treatises, and some important music incunables, such as Lux bella (Sevilla, 1492) by Marcos Duran, considered the first book of musical theory printed in Spain.
On voit que nombre de references sont faites aux pratiques Antiques, que le medecin de Catherine de Medicis et le conseiller d'Henri II a du lire dans des ouvrages plus anciens, notamment des incunables et peut-etre meme des reproductions d'ouvrages grecs anterieures a l'imprimerie, ici ou la.
This is a massive, heavily underwritten, multi-volume project which, when complete, will cover some 3,000 illuminated manuscripts and illuminated incunables produced between the sixth and 16th centuries, and preserved at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Colleges of Cambridge.
Nicholson took up medieval manuscripts and incunables after he left Australia.
The wealth of primary evidence here includes some 120 manuscripts, around seventy incunables, and a wide array of sixteenth-century books.
Reference to location in unsigned incunables proves especially problematic--see Fredson Bowers, Principles of Bibliographical Description (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1949), 322ff.
Bibliotheque Nationale Catalogue des Incunables, (Paris: Bibliotheque Nationale, 1985), I-85.
In a future world without books as tangible documents of the age, researchers shall likely lack the equivalent of the incunables and first editions that today serve to inspire scholars to appreciate the chronological development of European culture of previous centuries.