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 (ĭn-kûr′ənt, -kŭr′-)
Affording passage to an inflowing current.

[Latin incurrēns, incurrent-, present participle of incurrere, to run upon; see incur.]


1. (Zoology) (of anatomical ducts, tubes, channels, etc) having an inward flow
2. flowing or running in an inward direction
[C16: from Latin incurrēns running into; see incur]


(ɪnˈkɜr ənt, -ˈkʌr-)

carrying or relating to an inward current.
[1555–65; < Latin incurrent-, s. of incurrēns, present participle of incurrere; see incur]
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The oxygen analyzer was referenced against incurrent gas before and after each measurement period in order to correct for any drift in the baseline.
After approximately 6 mo, the oocytes are ripe, and fertilization may take place when mature oocytes are discharged from the gonad and transported internally to the incurrent chamber of the female oyster.
The customizable port-level risk management tools are available free of charge with no additional latency incurrent on inbound orders to BATS.
Unionoids have a complex reproductive cycle that begins with fertilization of eggs in females by sperm injected into the water by upstream males and entering females with incurrent water.
INCURRENT JOE SINCE: 2003 PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT AS GC: Coordination and enhancement of outside counsel use designed to be more effective for the organization.
That council, Bernanke said, should have a mandate to monitor and identify emerging risks to the stability of the financial system, to identify gaps incurrent regulation, and to coordinate the agencies' responses to possible systemic risks.
The osphradium is considered to be the primary chemosensory organ of prosobranch mollusks because its leaf-like structure bears a strong resemblance to the nasal rosettes of aquatic vertebrates (Hansen and Reutter, 2004), and because its location at the base of the incurrent siphon maximizes exposure to odorants (Bailey and Laverack, 1966; Emory, 1992).
Zooids in elongate systems, colony a single Botrylloides color, usually purple or orange, vertically nigrum oriented in tunic, testis ventral (on side with incurrent siphon) and anterior to single ovary, stomach lobes bulbous at ends Zooids in elongate systems, two colors in colony, Botrylloides sp.
82): "Similiter unum tantummodo hominem fuisse forsitan putatis, qui per mare quondam navigans, cum Syrenarum voces audisset, suas suorumque sociorum aures cera obstruxir, ne scilicet cantus dulcedine capti illuc divertentes naufragium incurrent.
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Water entering through the incurrent siphon of the giant clam passes between the gill filaments and through the water channels of the gills (Norton & Jones 1992).