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Adj.1.incursive - involving invasion or aggressive attack; "invasive war"
offensive - for the purpose of attack rather than defense; "offensive weapons"
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Lastly, the group is studying the feeding behaviors of the vector midge species that might be important virus vectors in California and genetically characterizing the evolution of the types of BTVs that circulate in the state, including, most recently, a newly incursive novel virus serotype.
In his strategy Johnson demonstrates how removal of content markers leaves the coordinates of a mediating structure that in some senses stands alone, formally and ideologically, as an incursive frame.
Risa Sodi examines "three key literary devices" in Levi's writing: "the use of apologies and disclaimers; the incorporation of the languages of the Holocaust into Italian; and the emergence of an incursive present tense (what Lawrence Langer calls `durational time')" (37).