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 (ĭn-kûrv′, ĭn′kûrv′)
tr. & intr.v. in·curved, in·curv·ing, in·curves
To cause to bend or to bend into an inward curve.
n. (ĭn′kûrv′)
An inward curve.

[Middle English incurven, to twist, distort, from Latin incurvāre, to curve in, be crooked : in-, in; see in-2 + curvus, curve; see curve.]
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Adj.1.incurved - bent into or having an inward curve
curved, curving - having or marked by a curve or smoothly rounded bend; "the curved tusks of a walrus"; "his curved lips suggested a smile but his eyes were hard"
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The tooth crown includes three main cusps sigmoidally incurved, with a distinct lateral carina.
Legumes oblong, linear to little incurved, when young green to greenyellowish, past vinaceous to brown, fleshy, cylindrical, 38-80 X 2-4 mm; valves immature or past, not evidenced.
Ovipositor robust, elongate, sometime incurved (Fig.
Verticils composed of up to 10 acicular leaves, as long as or slightly longer than the internodes, attached at right angles and reflexed sharply upwards to a position parallel to the next internode, with the acute apex often incurved towards the axis.
Pileus 5090 mm diameter, convex with an incurved margin at first then flat with a slightly depressed center, reddish orange when young, turning reddish brown at maturity, center more darkly colored compared to margins, cap surface appears velvety when young, then smooth with age, wrinkled towards margins.
First lobule tooth short, incurved and blunt, second tooth long, pointing outwards, sharp.
Supernaturally, narcissism is the sin of pride, when in choosing self over God, we became infected with inordinate self-love and alienation and became incurved on ourselves.
Cercus (Figs 8-9) short, granular, stocky with golden coloured short hairs, from dorsal view incurved with a well developed and sclerotized upwards angled single inner tooth (arrowed with abbreviation IT in Figs 10-11) inserted in median third part of cercus; apex of cercus broad, margin sometimes slightly concave, outer side obtuse-angled, inner side slightly curved downwards and armed with a single medially directed strong well-sclerotised subapical tooth (arrowed with abbreviation ST in Figs 10-11).
5 mm wide at the base, and 4-5 mm wide at the apex, trichomes scattered, more abundant in the proximal half of the claw; inner tepals arcuate-recurved, 22-28 mm long, the proximal 2/3 erect-patent, slightly inclinate, then curved upward, the distal 1/3 incurved and strongly reclinate; inner tepal blades 7.
The magnitudes of the velocity decrease due to the wall geometry of the volute presenting a curve whose center is on fluid side, and incurved in the same sense as the stream lines.
Uncus bifurcated at base, 1/2 times as long as tegument, each fork medium-long, slender at apex, broad at base; tegumen wide and arc-shaped, socii broad and wide, incurved at apex and strongly setose, shorter than uncus; gnathos degenerated; 1 pulvinus between tegument and valva, finger-shaped protuberance at pulvini; valva clavate, wide and thick at base; cucullus thin and long, strongly sclerotized; juxta similar triangle-shaped; saccus medium-long and thin.