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That cannot be separated into components: indecomposable matter.


(Logic) unable to be divided into its component parts


(ˌɪn di kəmˈpoʊ zə bəl)

incapable of being decomposed.
in`de•com•pos′a•ble•ness, n.
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alpha]] via the quasisymmetric characteristic; the projective indecomposable [H.
Mathematicians and scientists discuss such matters as rigid abelian groups and the probabilistic method, looking for indecomposable right bounded complexes, kernel modules of cotorsion pairs, upper cardinal bounds for absolute structures, subgroups of totally projective primary abelian groups and direct sums of cyclic groups, generic endomorphisms of homogeneous structures, special pairs and automorphisms of centerless groups, and some results on the algebraic entropy.
The inverse structural model exclusively contains passive modular groups, which are open and indecomposable linkages with zero degree of mobility.
If furthermore V is an indecomposable R[G] module and W is a submodule of V with [W.
Hussain Kazim, Manager Corporate Communications at Emarat, said that the Corporation is well aware of the risks imposed by use of regular indecomposable plastic bags on the environment.
More and more aerosol and food cans, which are indecomposable, are being bought.
Wilson: Thick groups and essentially finitely indecomposable groups,Can.
And on the other hand she has to produce apparently indecomposable substances because otherwise we would have total fluidity: "the cancellation of all individuality" and of "every product" (6).
The papers from that conference include the indecomposable continua and Julia sets of rational maps, The Henon family, the complex horseshoe locus and real parameter space, Baby Mandelbrot sets, accumulation points of iterated function systems, Siegel disks with boundaries that have only two complementary domains, non-uniform porosity for a subset of some Julia sets, and a summary of open problems.
Curious about the composition of seemingly indecomposable compounds, such as alkalis and earths, Davy struck these elements with strong electromagnetic currents.
We should note that the production structure described by (1) - (6) depicts an indecomposable system.
A permutation without cut-points is said to be indecomposable (or, sometimes, irreducible).