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That cannot be separated into components: indecomposable matter.


(Logic) unable to be divided into its component parts


(ˌɪn di kəmˈpoʊ zə bəl)

incapable of being decomposed.
in`de•com•pos′a•ble•ness, n.
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7]) are indecomposable, so that they are algebra generators.
which are then combined into simple characters (dutizi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] literally: "characters with single body") indecomposable (except for traces that form it2), in order of a few hundred.
In this section we consider all indecomposable matrices q of rank 2 whose associated Nichols algebra [B.
Let the inner edge (i, j) correspond to the indecomposable module over [A.
A torsion pair (T, F) is called splitting if each indecomposable A-module lies either in T or in F.
n] is indecomposable if there does not exist p [less than or equal to] n - 1 such that [[sigma].
nxn] is said to be indecomposable and aperiodic (SIA) if [lim.
Thus, there are also no originally indecomposable factors in Nature, i.
Mathematicians and scientists discuss such matters as rigid abelian groups and the probabilistic method, looking for indecomposable right bounded complexes, kernel modules of cotorsion pairs, upper cardinal bounds for absolute structures, subgroups of totally projective primary abelian groups and direct sums of cyclic groups, generic endomorphisms of homogeneous structures, special pairs and automorphisms of centerless groups, and some results on the algebraic entropy.
12) We will not come back here to our previous discussion about the role of reducing a decomposable system into an indecomposable one.
The inverse structural model exclusively contains passive modular groups, which are open and indecomposable linkages with zero degree of mobility.