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1. Inexcusable; unpardonable: indefensible behavior.
2. Invalid; untenable: an indefensible assumption.
3. Vulnerable to physical attack: indefensible borders.

in′de·fen′si·bil′i·ty, in′de·fen′si·ble·ness n.
in′de·fen′si·bly adv.
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Sager, Religious Freedom and the Constitution (2007); Frederick Mark Gedicks, An Unfirm Foundation: The Regrettable Indefensibility of Religious Exemptions, 20 U.
Other scholars making a similar argument against the special status of religion include Frederick Mark Gedicks, An Unflrm Foundation: The Regrettable Indefensibility of Religious Exemptions, 20 U.
Direct military intervention to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime would never win Security Council approval, and has no volunteers anyway among capable military powers -- albeit in most cases because of the political and military risks involved, rather than the legal indefensibility of acting outside the U.
21) In retrospect Khaled's appraisal of the indefensibility of Al-Khafji must be questioned.
Foremost among which is, the moral indefensibility of colonialism as a whole which was not part of a global discourse at previous moments, coupled with the physical crisis, the toll exacted from the last great war of the past century.
RSS spokesperson's Ram Madhav's comment, that Mr Gandhi knows more about Italy than India, reflects the organisation's indefensibility against the charges leveled and its complete lack of a constructive ideology.