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Impossible to prove or demonstrate: a seemingly valid but indemonstrable hypothesis.

in′de·mon′stra·bil′i·ty n.
in′de·mon′stra·bly adv.


incapable of being demonstrated or proved
ˌindeˌmonstraˈbility n
ˌindeˈmonstrably adv


(ˌɪn dɪˈmɒn strə bəl, ɪnˈdɛm ən-)

incapable of being demonstrated.
in`de•mon′stra•bly, adv.
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Though theoretically indemonstrable, Kant's aim is nevertheless to show the objective reality of his moral concepts for cognition as valid functions of practical reason.
based on completely indemonstrable propositions' (Boss, 1977: pp 7-10).
William of Auxerre, in charge of purging the Libri naturales by Aristotle, showed in his Summa aurea that the relation between the indemonstrable premises and the scientific conclusion is identical to the relation between the articles of faith and the theological conclusion: "[.
Assuming the conclusion of our reasoning, we backtrack to see what its presuppositions are, and we continue in this way until we reach some proposition already known, or some indemonstrable principle.
The axioms, as well those which are indemonstrable as those which admit of being demonstrated, differ from that other class of fundamental principles which are involved in the definitions, in this, that they are true without any mixture of hypothesis.
34) That is, he assumed that every literate reader out there would know that, before a demonstration or experiment could be offered, certain indemonstrable points had to be in place--indemonstrable because no demonstration could be understood if these points were not grasped.
Yet, as Husserl, remarks, 'identity is wholly indefinable, whereas "alikeness' is\ (LI II, [section]3; my italics) Worse, identity as a result of Platonic idealization proves not only indefinable but indemonstrable.
Kelley concludes that the "debts owed by Vico to jurisprudence are incalculable and in some cases almost indemonstrable .
it is neither sentiment nor enthusiasm (the mysticism is profound, says Hegel, but it is a form of a empty profoundness); by this philosophy differs from the allegorical, illogical and indemonstrable forms of spirit;
Although theology rested on faith, and faith had a cognitive dimension that could be persuasively presented, nonetheless faith was indemonstrable to those outside its commitment, and the truth of faith could not "be established from within the framework of the unconverted.
Its study requires deductively indemonstrable first principles.
Pomponazzi's aim, she claims, is to protect the fully indemonstrable religious doctrines from subjection to rational inquiry.