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1. Impossible to fix or measure: indeterminable traces of poison; indeterminable assets.
2. Impossible to settle or decide with finality: indeterminable questions.

in′de·ter′min·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.indeterminably - in an indeterminable manner; "their relationship was of an indeterminably vague nature"
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This encounter reveals to the reader how the relationship between the poet and red-haired beggar girl oscillates indeterminably between similarity and opposition in social status.
It may not be all that atypical for mid-career artists to sense impending conclusions to creative pathways that once seemed indeterminably open.
93), that is, where the chances of an outcome (global catastrophe) are indeterminably small, yet the impact of that outcome would be inestimably ruinous and irreparable.