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a. Not precisely determined, determinable, or established: a person of indeterminate age.
b. Not precisely fixed, as to extent, size, nature, or number: an indeterminate number of plant species in the jungle.
c. Lacking clarity or precision, as in meaning; vague: an indeterminate turn of phrase.
d. Not fixed or known in advance: an indeterminate future.
e. Not leading up to a definite result or ending: an indeterminate campaign.
2. Botany Not terminating in a flower and continuing to grow at the apex: an indeterminate inflorescence.
3. Mathematics Having more than one variable and an infinite number of solutions, such as the equation 5x2 + 3y = 10.

[Middle English, from Latin indēterminātus : in-, not; see in-1 + dēterminātus, determined; see determinate.]

in′de·ter′mi·nate·ly adv.
in′de·ter′mi·nate·ness, in′de·ter′mi·na′tion (-nā′shən) n.


[ˌɪndɪˈtɜːmɪnɪtlɪ] ADVde modo indeterminado


advunbestimmt; it continued indeterminatelyes ging auf unbestimmte Zeit weiter
References in classic literature ?
Scarcely had I dropped my head back into its original position, when there flashed upon my mind what I cannot better describe than as the unformed half of that idea of deliverance to which I have previously alluded, and of which a moiety only floated indeterminately through my brain when I raised food to my burning lips.
It takes an indeterminately long time for a small difference in energy intake to make a notable difference in weight.
A SERIAL criminal who battered and robbed a frail woman in her home yesterday won his appeal against being jailed indeterminately.
Moreover, the result that each market is served by a monopolist who retains his position indeterminately is unrealistic.
committed indeterminately, until mental health authorities conclude that
If the "vision of God" is not qualified as either indeterminately desired (by nature) or desired precisely as beatific, then there is room for equivocation.
The figures, receding infinitely, floating indeterminately and bleached white, are ghostly.
In the end, however distasteful, that is what will have to happen in Israel/Palestine and the Israeli government can not indeterminately carry on relying on the goodwill of the governments of the free world to justify their actions.
She claims that when her son, who was jailed in 2010 indeterminately for the public protection, went to the authorities he was ignored and moved to another jail.
Sentences in a given language admit of indeterminately many instantiations, but they also admit of being translated--mutatis mutandis--in indeterminately many different languages, such as our initial sentence, my English translation from a proposition in Latin of Thomas Aquinas: Primum quod cadit in intellectu est ens.
When it was first acknowledged, on a free road map distributed by Standard Oil Company of New York, or Socony, gas stations in 1925, its population was given indeterminately as from zero to 500, which was probably a peak.
Through their fretwork planes, the continuing structure behind is visible, indeterminately vast and rambling.