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1. Unpredictability.
2. Philosophy The doctrine that there are events, particularly free human actions or decisions, that have no cause or are not caused deterministically.

in′de·ter′min·ist n.
in′de·ter′min·is′tic adj.


(Philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that behaviour is not entirely determined by motives
ˌindeˈterminist n, adj
ˌindeˌterminˈistic adj


(ˌɪn dɪˈtɜr məˌnɪz əm)

a theory that human actions, though influenced by preexisting conditions, are not entirely governed by them.
in`de•ter′min•ist, n., adj.


the quality of not being clearly established or fixed. — indeterminist, n.indeterministic, adj.
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Even though she accepts a plausible gradualism in the animal kingdom, she contends that agency, as a robust, distinctive, indeterministic, and metaphysically committed concept, is applicable to animals and humans alike.
In this case also, for a cell size from about 37 onwards, the location update cost will become indeterministic.
But this ability is only virtual if we live in a deterministic world (because for it to be truly ultimately up to us, we would need to live in an indeterministic world in which our choices were not determined long before we were born).
Among the libertarian views, she includes simple indeterministic views (e.
This will give the wheel an indeterministic spin, and then release the contents of each slot into a chute.
Each method of MADM can be classified into deterministic and indeterministic methods.
Only quantum mechanics gives us the opportunity to interpret the world in such an open and indeterministic character (9).
In his poem Lucretius was able to make a case for free will by postulating that atoms had an indeterministic tendency to swerve at random--hence the title of renowned literary theorist Stephen Greenblatt's latest work, The Swerve, which details Poggio's discovery of the poem.
Perry distinguishes between deterministic causation and indeterministic causation:
Any "class" or "collective" of events that he might assemble would be completely arbitrary and purely subjective if the world were truly indeterministic and random, because every event would be logically incommensurable with and unrelated to every other event.
In this respect the present approach formulates an even more indeterministic and drastic view of the reality: to discard the local values since the beginning.
So rather than thinking of our culture as a set of objects to be passed along carefully, like so many baskets of eggs, from one worried generation of proprietors to the next, perhaps we can begin (again) to think of our history in terms of what Hegel called Geist; a spirit, unspecifiable by the laws of material objects; which would require for its comprehension, its mapping, an interdisciplinary, trans-methodological, general semantics of partial exchanges and continual transformations; and indeterministic, interdependent identitative-productive processes.