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The automatic adjustment of an economic variable, such as wages, taxes, or pension benefits, to a cost-of-living index, so that the variable rises or falls in accordance with the rate of inflation.


(ˌɪndɛkˈseɪʃən) or


(Commerce) the act of making wages, interest rates, etc, index-linked


(ˌɪn dɛkˈseɪ ʃən)

the adjustment of wages, interest rates, etc., according to changes in the cost of living.


The adjustment of wages, interest rates and other forms of income to compensate with changes of prices.
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Noun1.indexation - a system of economic regulation: wages and interest are tied to the cost-of-living index in order to reduce the effects of inflation
regulating, regulation - the act of controlling or directing according to rule; "fiscal regulations are in the hands of politicians"


[ˌɪndekˈseɪʃən] indexing [ˈɪndeksɪŋ] Nindexación f, indización f, indiciación f
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According to the current legislation, the indexation of social pensions is made taking into account the growth rates of the subsistence minimum of the pensioner in the Russian Federation for the past year.
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order on indexation of the insurance part of labor pensions.
Pending review of the current MUP pension system by the legislative and executive branches of government, which is aimed toward ensuring a sustainable and equitable pension system, the indexation of the pension of retired MUP with base pay of those in the active service shall be suspended with respect to the base-pay increase authorised in the joint resolution," the resolution said.
A year ago, finance minister Harris Georgiades and civil servants' union Pasydy agreed that public sector workers will get no general pay rises in 2017 and 2018, excluding incremental pay rises resulting from seniority and wage indexation.
The state-run Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is open to manage a new pension scheme for newly installed uniformed personnel, but cannot absorb existing retirees as the indexation of benefits they currently enjoy will be unsustainable for the pension fund, its newly appointed president and general manager Jesus Clint Aranas said.
As to the indexation of the pension of retired MUP with the base pay of those in the active service, House Committee on Appropriations Chairman Karlo Alexie B.
About payment mechanism, Nepra said that independent power producers (IPPs) of CPEC projects shall pay $150,000 per annum, subject to 3pc indexation for each year after the first year from COD, as required under security protection clause of the IA directly to the relevant ministry/agency designated for the purpose during the construction period as well as during the operation period.
but Phil Rumney After 15 years of hard campaigning to both Labour and Conservative governments we are still nowhere nearer in getting the pensions fully restored due to the government's flawed Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), a scheme that does not recognise indexation on the pensions that we had paid for over many years.
Second, pension indexation in 2017 will be in line with FY16 inflation.
However, majority of fund managers have been seen as not being able to outperform these indexes, as a result investors have started becoming interested in passive compared to active indexation methods.
We do not say that oil indexation as such is illegal.
The minimum monthly wage is to increase to BGN 380 as of July 1, with an increase in pension rates under the Swiss indexation rule scheduled to take effect as of the same date.