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tr.v. in·dict·ed, in·dict·ing, in·dicts
1. Law To charge (a party) by indictment.
2. To accuse of wrongdoing or criticize severely: "[He] managed to indict the country's smug, liberal establishment whose lip service throttled the struggle for civil rights" (Bob Spitz).

[Alteration of Middle English enditen, to accuse, write a document; see indite.]

in′dict·ee′ (ĭn′dī-tē′) n.
in·dict′er, in·dict′or n.
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The detention of the final Libya ICC indictee now offers the Libyan authorities the opportunity to focus fully on rebuilding their country and continuing the transition to democracy.
The Appeals Chamber, relied on Article 10 of the Statute of the Special Court, to say that the amnesty granted under Article IX of the Lome Peace Agreement signed by the Sierra Leone government did not bar the prosecution of an accused, for international crimes committed before July 1999, as he was an indictee before the Special Court.
The crucial thing in this whole matter is the unscrupulous involvement of the Macedonian Hague Tribunal indictee in the daily political showdown.
On the contrary, it may have prompted the arrest of a lower-level indictee for crimes in Darfur.
The court began its first trial in September 2005 and received its first transfer of an indictee from the ICTY two weeks later.
Confusion prevailed Tuesday evening in Belgrade over the fate of top Hague Tribunal indictee Gen.
The SCSL has faced two serious security threats--a failed coup attempt that reportedly was aimed at preventing the SCSL from beginning its work, and an effort by a high-profile indictee to stir up civil unrest--but it can move to another country if necessary.
More two months after the elections, Serbia on Wednesday got its government, but with the backing of the Socialist Party of the top Hague War Crimes Tribunal indictee Slobodan Milosevic, which meets international disapproval.
Of course, the most notable indictee is the former president of the FRY, Slobodan Milosevic, who was turned over to the ICTY on June 28, 2001, two years after his indictment in May 1999.
Radovan Karadzic, an indictee of the ICTY who is charged with responsibility for killing up to 6,000 Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995, lives in a closely guarded stronghold outside Pale in the Serb Republic.
Sometimes governments will be its allies--as was the FBI in arresting the Rwandan indictee in Texas at the request of the Rwandan Tribunal.
143) If the Court developed a firm rule that it could not consider international due process considerations under Article 17, there would be an extant possibility that at some point, a country would indicate its intent to subject an ICC indictee to a true show trial and the ICC would be forced to give that state its imprimatur.