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Noun1.indigenousness - nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)indigenousness - nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)
nativeness - the quality of belonging to or being connected with a certain place or region by virtue of birth or origin
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Achieving indigenousness in space, satellite and surveillance capabilities is necessary for Pakistan to maintain credibility of its deterrence especially in crisis situation.
But as literary spirit was a follow-up of political and economic developments, it couldn't realize the ideal of true indigenousness or cultural independence during this period.
The book is organised into four main parts--discussion of Altman's hybrid economy, from its origins, gaps and manifestations; discussion of the 'state' and its construction of Indigenousness within it; discussion of practical and policy examples of Indigenous entrepreneurship and engagement; and the final section of the book, which provides some personal reflections by Scambary, Nieuwenhuysen and Altman himself upon Altman's career and the impacts of his work.
They address the role of position and identity, including gender and the role of non-Native scholars; images of indigenousness related to women, sexuality, agency, the trickster figure, and other areas; indigenous literary criticism approaches; contemporary issues like reconciliation and queer studies and Native studies; and classroom considerations regarding oral stories, Inuit literature, semi-autobiographical fiction, alternative genres, and indigenous new media.
For this reason, the tribal legend of the eternal people begins otherwise than with indigenousness.
Both ways lead to a severe intellectual dependency and mental slavery due to lack of indigenousness.
In autochthone understandings of citizenship the question of belonging is implicated by the question of who arrived and occupied a given territory first; and the question of who settled first is linked to the assertion of indigenousness of a particular group or society to the territory in question.
If being of Indian descent does not imply the static view of the Indian or the purity of blood or culture, why define indigenousness based on such a static concept as Taino.
92) Often, "[t]hose who think their ancestors arrived earlier are likely to demand political priority by virtue of indigenousness over those deemed to be immigrants.
Indigenousness and authenticity contribute substantially to the evaluation of food specialty attributes.
This ongoing identity crisis alters with changing circumstances (Diab & Mi'ari, 2007), evoking multi-layered discourse relating to issues such as ethnic democracy (Smooha, 2002), "multiculturalism" (Yona & Shenhav, 2005), "Palestinian indigenousness," and Israel as an "ethnocracy" (Yiftachel & Ghanem, 2004).

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