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 (ĭn′dĭ-rĕk′shən, -dī-)
1. The quality or state of being indirect.
a. Lack of straightforwardness; deviousness: obtained their goal by subtle indirection.
b. A devious act or statement: wouldn't give us a straight answer, only hints and indirections.
3. Lack of direction; aimlessness.


1. indirect procedure, courses, or methods
2. lack of direction or purpose; aimlessness
3. indirect dealing; deceit


(ˌɪn dəˈrɛk ʃən, -daɪ-)

1. indirect action or procedure.
2. a roundabout course or method.
3. a lack of direction or goal; aimlessness.
4. deceitful or dishonest dealing.
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Noun1.indirection - indirect procedure or action; "he tried to find out by indirection"
procedure, process - a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"
2.indirection - deceitful action that is not straightforward; "he could see through the indirections of diplomats"
dissimulation, deception, dissembling, deceit - the act of deceiving


References in classic literature ?
Incidentally, the sled went faster, and thus, by cunning indirection, did man increase his mastery over the beasts.
In your case, I fear, confession is exploitation by indirection, profit-making by ruse, self-aggrandizement at the expense of God.
Here Brooks talks approvingly of what he terms a method of "rich indirection," an indirectness at work within even the most seemingly direct and simple poetry.
In fact, the traditional view that Penelope is clueless until she performs the bed-trick starts to sound rather naive and does not do justice to Homer's talent for indirection and subtlety.
The figures show that for every pounds 27,000 salaried job created, the taxpayer gains by pounds 13,000 as a result of reduced benefit payments and the increased direct and indirection taxes paid by people in work.
By indirection, this delivered a fatal blow to the California Water Plan approved by voters in 1960 to insulate the state against future water shortages.
Since God cannot be experienced directly, it is through indirection, in this case through the space God inhabits, that the believer can come to know this living God.
Consequently, like Tyree in Richard Wright's The Long Dream, he survives by guile and indirection.
Antenhofer is a most skillful guide to the elaborate relationships between authors, scribes, and recipients, and to the art of indirection of the epistolary rhetoric of the period that nonetheless permits the expression of demands and responses, if nor of authentic personal feeling.
Their topics include metaphor as the cognitive framework, induction and indirection as the interpersonal framework, the multiple embedded metaphor framework, and the force of closure.
They proposed a second indirection layer, in addition to URN/URL mechanism, in order to identify resources with "names that are easy to share and remember", while URN were regarded as machine-oriented identifiers for grouping several replicas (1).
Nordan's indirection allows him to approach the unapproachable, telling a story that might otherwise have gone untold.