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Not discriminating: an indiscriminating judgment.


(ˌɪn dɪˈskrɪm əˌneɪ tɪŋ)

not discriminating.
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Adj.1.indiscriminating - not discriminating
indiscriminate - not marked by fine distinctions; "indiscriminate reading habits"; "an indiscriminate mixture of colors and styles"


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A casual and indiscriminating observer, in passing, might not cast a second glance upon the figure.
From cold, calculating, highly intelligent perversity it had deteriorated into the indiscriminating, dangerous menace of the mentally defective.
Victor has a preference for Hunsden, full as strong as I deem desirable, being considerably more potent decided, and indiscriminating, than any I ever entertained for that personage myself.
was all that Catherine had to say, for her indiscriminating eye scarcely discerned the colour of the satin; and all minuteness of praise, all praise that had much meaning, was supplied by the general: the costliness or elegance of any room's fitting-up could be nothing to her; she cared for no furniture of a more modern date than the fifteenth century.
The statement went to say that the Committee raises concern over shelling and indiscriminating killings of civilians committed by armed movements at incidents-affected areas that led to losses of lives of people and destruction of property and forced families to leave their homes a matter which constituted blatant violation to principles and provisions of the international humanitarian law.
Certainly appealing to indiscriminating parents and administrators, the "cute" curriculum may involve a topic such as "frogs" and results in an entire week or month of planning.
Terrorists opened indiscriminating firing on them and both persons were injured in the firing.
Thus far facts about war crimes and crimes against humanity have been largely ignored, unreported and unaddressed by the international human rights community and the Afghan Government, the right body said From the disproportionate and indiscriminating use of military power to the large-scale crimes of mass-killing of civilians and prisoners of war to the destruction of essential civilian infrastructures, Afghanistan's immediate history is replete with all types of appalling crimes.
The sound of indiscriminating parps from bored eight-year-olds made you wish rugby's answer to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Child Catcher would sweep through the BT Stand with his large cage.
Supermarkets - convenient and cheap as they are - are turning us into indiscriminating shoppers.