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Lack of discrimination or judgment.

in′dis·crim′i·na′tive adj.
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If any one part of their proceedings can be said to deserve less blame than another, it was the singular indiscrimination with which they persecuted, not merely the poor and aged, as in former judicial massacres, but people of all ranks; their own equals, brethren, and wives.
He singled out boosting rights of people of special cases, combating human trade, eradicating all forms of gender indiscrimination and child rights.
He said authority officials would continue raids on restaurants and hotels, however, no injustice was committed and a checking process would be continued without indiscrimination.
He said that no injustice is committed however the checking process will be continued without indiscrimination.
It added: "This assault includes an assault on Coptic citizens and on the rights of citizenship and indiscrimination between citizens.
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Assassination is not from the air, not with a bomb from the sky, but using a new method of collective indiscrimination.
Christians often complained about alleged state indiscrimination and persecution by radical Islamists under Mubarak, an ex-army officer, who ruled Egypt for almost 30 years.
There is peace and development and no indiscrimination.
Open-mindedness and indiscrimination antireligious orientation.