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Lack of discrimination or judgment.

in′dis·crim′i·na′tive adj.
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He alleged that the peaceful protests of the people of Kashmir are being responded with indiscriminative and massive force by the Indian Government.
reported war crimes by use of excessive, indiscriminative force, that over the years has killed and injured thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children.
With rising Islamophobia around the world and terrorism striking everywhere -- indiscriminative of sex, colour, race or religion -- it's vital that we fend off attempts to brand Islam with terrorism.
I also remember my good friends and colleagues, Irish and of Irish descent, who were horrified and devastated by the most callous and indiscriminative of acts.
According to reporter Service, on this day in 2010, Indian forces had opened indiscriminative fires on innocent Zahid Farooq and martyred him on the spot.
He appreciated the role of police and paramilitary forces for taking indiscriminative action against anti-state elements.
Now look at this indiscriminative approach of KE towards the inhabitants Gulshan-e-Maymar, as per Constitution of Islamic Republic was clearly mentioned all peoples are to be treated equally and our religion Islam also teaches us the same guidance on that issue.
In addition to all the varied characteristics that promote the success of graffiti as a mass communicator, its free availability to everyone from all social classes makes it the most indiscriminative type of media.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an's insulting as well as provocative remarks leveled against the protesters have further encouraged the anti-riot police to use disproportional as well as indiscriminative force to quell the demonstrators.
1) This is determined almost in an indiscriminative way-according to the ethnic background, gender, religion, social structure etc, which is surprising to a certain point when one knows that the so-called Euro-skepticism is growing almost in all candidate-countries and even members of the Union.