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1. Absolutely necessary; essential.
2. Obligatory; unavoidable: the routine but indispensable ceremonies of state.
One that is indispensable.

in′dis·pens′a·bil′i·ty, in′dis·pens′a·ble·ness n.
in′dis·pens′a·bly adv.
Synonyms: indispensable, critical, essential, necessary, requisite
These adjectives apply to something that cannot be dispensed with: foods that are indispensable to good nutrition; education that is critical to success; funds essential to completing the project; the necessary tools for the job; lacking the requisite qualifications for the position.
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Noun1.indispensability - the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without
essentiality, essentialness - basic importance
dispensability, dispensableness - the quality possessed by something that you can get along without


nUnentbehrlichkeit f, → unbedingte Notwendigkeit (to für)
References in classic literature ?
In offering this little commentary to the Nietzsche student, I should like it to be understood that I make no claim as to its infallibility or indispensability.
There is much of interest in Enoch's discussion of the Argument from Indispensability, not the least of which is his understanding of how indispensability arguments are meant to work generally, which may be of special interest to philosophers of science.
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who gave away the certificates to the graduating students, reminded them about the indispensability of soft skills to succeed in life.
The best argument for the indispensability of singular thought requires us to look beyond the actual world.
The Syrians seek to hammer home their indispensability to any inter-Lebanese reconciliation, and they apparently still want Saad Hariri to visit Damascus before the government is finalized.
The feeling of indispensability has, in fact, quite a lot to do with the psychological "need to be needed", that is to say insecurity, and this unfortunately shows up many times in those of only average talent.
For example, after establishing the indispensability of the Christian narrative for mediating God and criticizing the overly religious imagination of many in contemporary society, one is left wondering about the status of all those divine interruptions that modernity wanted to demythologize: Trinity, miracle, exorcism, angels, and virgin birth to name a few.
He provides advice related to starting out on the right foot, building value to the organization, securing status, workplace don'ts, personal growth, never assuming indispensability, and legal management.
His indispensability is reflected in the number of key ministerial decision-making groups, known as Group of Ministers, he has been asked to head since 2004.
Given IT's indispensability, a company lucky enough to be guided by an informed CEO enjoys a durable advantage over a company that is not.
All previous assumptions regarding the indispensability of music as an incentive for motion were candidly questioned--and justifiably so.
He is apodeictic about the indispensability of this open-ended perspective on the law for deciphering the complex ambiguities of Florentine society.