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Lacking distinguishing qualities; not distinctive.

in′dis·tinc′tive·ly adv.


1. without distinctive qualities
2. unable to make distinctions; undiscriminating
ˌindisˈtinctively adv
ˌindisˈtinctiveness n


(ˌɪn dɪˈstɪŋk tɪv)

1. without distinctive characteristics.
2. incapable of or not making a distinction; undiscriminating.
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Without definite or distinctive characteristics:
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And as for her own rejected suitor, Fairfax Munroe, except for a kind of grave and proper motherliness about his protecting manner, he absolutely was the most indistinctive of them all.
The subgenus Frendelia is similar to the subgenus Scotominettia, but the latter has the following diagnostic characters: face having small or indistinctive elliptical protuberances on lower margin; arista being short plumose with longest setulae shorter than half of 1st flagellomere or pubescent with microscopic hairs; base of wing being yellow; pregonites being absent and postgonites having a pair of coniform or subuliform process; phallus being membranous or sclerotized, square or rectangular and blunt or truncated apically.
Although the different land-use changes among the three experiments are indistinctive, we can find some key points by focusing on the land-use composition constraints.
Nor will high density, indistinctive housing, poorly served by basic amenities, do anything to sustain Cardiff's appeal as a place to live in the future.
As the boat nears, the monuments which are indistinctive at first, separate out into a spectacular sight.
2c) and PET nanocomposite containing 1 wt% RWOC showed only an indistinctive shoulder located nearly at 2[theta] = 1[degrees] corresponding to a basal interlayer spacing of 43.
We find that extremely positive and extremely negative emotions are maximally indistinctive," Todorov, who worked with first author Hillel Aviezer, a psychology professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem who conducted the work as a postdoctoral researcher under Todorov, and Ycov Trope, a psychology professor at New York University, said.
The teratogenicity of nanosilver in humans is indistinctive and is not reported in the literature but in vivo (animal studies) and in vitro studies showed nanosilver can exhibit a significant level of toxicity.
First, the indistinctive definition of what constitutes "internal affairs" and "foreign affairs" is a longstanding and sensitive issue in the teaching of diplomacy.
My pedagogical work prompts my students to eschew (or question, or strive to be active in) indistinctive classroom settings or, to borrow from Paulo Friere, resist a high stakes "banking concept of education" that moulds passive learners (71), which is much like the interminable credit card booths on nearly all campuses in Canada--these banking concepts mould passive debtors.
I 80, has names that are too indistinctive to reveal his origin.